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Telnet Network News - We'll keep you up to date with what's happening in the industry.

A little deception goes a long way in cybersecurity with PacketViper

New innovations in deception can provide proactive network security teams a cost-effective way to strengthen their security posture despite limited resources. Traditional deception approaches such as honeypots have limitations and can be tough to manage. PacketViper's automated, dynamic deception and defense technologies in the Virtual Minefield Zo...
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Overcoming the #1 Challenge in Security Operations

​"'We can't '80/20' network security. We don't know enough about the alerts we miss. 100% review should be the operational objective for responsible network administrators." -PacketViper The Problem: The overwhelming volume of global IP traffic hitting networks today creates a crushing amount of security alerts. Too frequently, many of these alerts...
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Defense in Motion: PacketViper Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ)

PacketViper customers can build a Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ) to create a nearly impenetrable network perimeter, and also enforce penalties instantly for any connections falling outside of your defined network guidelines. The VMZ leverages the administrator's advantage, which is the intimate knowledge of their network infrastructure. We then use t...
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3 Things PacketViper can do that your Firewall Can’t

Three elements of PacketViper that are unique to our Virtual Minefield Zone™ (VMZ) and separate PacketViper from firewalls & NGFWs are the triggers, interceptors and the redirectors. With 'point & click' simplicity these features can be utilized to create the following deterrents that reduce traffic up to 70% and make firewalls, IDS/IPS and...
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