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Telnet Network News - We'll keep you up to date with what's happening in the industry.

Feds ditch 80,000 PSTN lines for Telus VoIP; replace Rogers with Bell in CAD432m mobile deal

Telus Communications has won a CAD176 million (USD140.6 million) seven-year contract with the Canadian federal government's Shared Services Canada to provide VoIP telephony, instant messaging and desktop videoconferencing. The deal is in conjunction with a federal decision to axe 80,000 traditional landlines in favour of VoIP; Shared Services Canad...
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Rogers buys Videotron’s AWS-1 spectrum in Greater Toronto for CAD184m

 Quebecor, the parent of Quebec-based quadruple-play network operator Videotron, has announced the sale of Videotron's Advanced Wireless Services (AWS-1) 1700MHz/2100MHz mobile spectrum licence in the Greater Toronto region to Rogers Communications for approximately CAD184 million (USD137 million), pursuant to a transfer option on the frequenc...
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Rogers retiring Mobilicity brand, moving user base to Chatr

Canada’s largest mobile operator by users, Rogers Communications, has revealed a plan to discontinue the brand of its subsidiary Mobilicity whilst moving all of Mobilicity’s remaining 150,000-plus subscribers to the Rogers budget sub-brand Chatr, reports Canadian website MobileSyrup. Effective 15 August 2016, Rogers will cease activating new Mobilicity connections, whilst sometime in the autumn it will begin migrating Mobilicity customers to Chatr, where they will be offered a ‘comparable’ packa...
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