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Network TAPS 100% In-Line Passive Network Access

In-Line Access for all your Network Monitoring and Security Tools

Telnet Networks - Contact Us Today to discuss setting a network visibility fabric for your networkYour packet analyzers and network security devices such as firewall’s, intrusion detection systems or forensic analyzers must have a complete 360 view of all the traffic on today’s network. Designing a network visibility plan so that each tool receives 100% of the network traffic that is needed is just as important as the selection of the tools. Network traffic and conditions can change quickly and can overwhelm switch SPAN port or the security or application performance monitoring tools. Network TAPs are one of the best methods of creating a permanent in-line monitoring port to all of your tools.

What is a TAP

Known as a Test Access Point a Network TAP is a simple device that are quick to deploy and economical to implement and makes data access easy. A network TAP is inserted between two network points, where they copy the data continuously, without compromising network integrity. Traffic keeps flowing even when the power is disconnected.

Benefits of adding TAPS to your Network

  • Allow’s you to insert a monitoring devices without interrupting the link – this gives you permanent access to the data flowing across the network to support your application and security solutions
  • Taps pass all network traffic – including layer 1 and 2 errors to all your tools – because you see all the traffic your MTTR decreases for application and security issues
  • TAPS are non-detectable – basic TAPs have no IP address so it see’s all the traffic
  • Decrease the reliance on switch and router resources for network traffic visibility.
  • In-line link failover protection
  • Multiple speeds available – taps are available in Gig (Copper/Fiber), 10 Gig Fiber, 40 Gig Fiber and 100 Gig Fiber options
  • Taps integrate easily with network packet brokers (for aggregation, filtering or load balancing)

TAP Options

Full Duplex TAPs

Net Optics Gig Zero Delay Tap

For Full duplex line rate, use a non-aggregating TAP that sends out two separate copies including layer 1 and 2 errors without introducing a bottlenecks or a point of failure

Full Duplex Tap Supplier

IXIA - Network Tap for complete inline access to your data

Aggregation TAPS

Ixia Net Optics GigaBit Aggregator Tap

For full duplex visibility with a single monitoring port on the security or analyzer tool you can use an aggregation TAP.  We combine each side of a network link and copy the aggregated data to one of more monitoring ports.

Aggregation TAP Supplier

IXIA Net Optics - Aggregation Taps allow you to monitor a network link on one aggregated port

Regeneration TAPS

IXIA Net Optics - Regeneration Taps allow multiply tools to monitor the same link

A regeneration TAP allows multiple security or monitoring tools to monitor the same network traffic simultaneously

Regeneration TAP Supplier

IXIA Net Optics - Regeneration Taps allow multiply tools to monitor the same link

Virtual TAPS

IXIA Net Optics Phantom Virtual Tap

A Virtual TAP allows you 100% visibility of all traffic passing between Virtual Machines (VMs).  A Virtualized Tap bridges the physical and virtual, so that you can monitor the virtualized network with your existing set of tools.   We can capture and then send inter-VM traffic of interest to the tools that are already monitoring your physical network

Virtual TAP Supplier

IXIA Net Optics - Regeneration Taps allow multiply tools to monitor the same link

ByPass Network TAPs

Ixia Net Optics iBypass 40-10

Bypass TAPs provide a fail-safe Inline tool protection for your security and monitoring devices. The Bypass TAPs with Heartbeat sends a heartbeat packet to the device, protecting network traffic against link, application, and power failure on the attached in-line device.

ByPass TAP Supplier

IXIA Net Optics - Bypass TAPs/Switches for inline protection of your security devices

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