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Infosim StableNet® Automation & Integration

Infosim StableNet - Automation & Integration

We recognize that in most large-scale networks, much of the workflow required to deploy and manage networks, and configuration changes within that network, consumes a large amount of time and manpower.

By automation and integration there is huge potential for saving time with our network management solution StableNet®. Its integrated features reach from discovery over monitoring measurements to provisioning and analysis.

A unified solution offers the network administration team the ability to:

  • Automation of many of routine and frequent management tasks from discovery to monitoring to analysis of measurements and provisioning
  • Ability to spend more time at actually resolving issues rather than having to dig through multiple consoles to search out the root cause

Network managers will appreciate:

  • Automation enables progressive benefit of proactive network management
  • Ability to confidently track and forecast network performance goals
  • Ability to guarantee business process compliance and workflow deadlines

Infosim StableNet - Automation & Integration

Integrated features that focus on:

Infosim StableNet - Automation & Integration

Service-oriented Architecture & APIs

Its hard enough managing an existing network’s maintenance and fault isolation and reporting. But when the network is growing at unpredictable and sometimes unplanned rates, network teams are facing particular challenges.
Within StableNet®, the full complement of service-oriented architecture (SOA) features and extensible APIs allow to:

  • Quickly adapt to changes in the network
  • Rapid implementation of connecting new systems to the network

By automating many of the StableNet® policy, discovery, and connection features, network admin teams can quickly add new systems. And your CXO will be confident in the network’s ability to expand to add new services and cost-saving business enhancements.

In today’s fast-paced world integration and adaptability is essential for your network.

User Tech Level

  • Rapid Implementation of new systems
  • Automation of frequent tasks
  • Ability to quickly adap changes in the network

Management Level

  • Saving time & money by seamless integration of new systems
  • Businesses gain a competitive edge in using their networks from the ones who just play catchup when it comes to adapting network changes
  • Being prepared for possibly unpredictable network growth

Dynamic Rule Generation & Distributed Preprocessing

As modern networks grow, there is often a tendency to design around the trade-offs between a complex distributed system’s need for scalability and the user’s requirement for complete and deep data presentation.

With intelligent preprocessing, StableNet® can help:

  • Provision networks to stay withing the SLAs, policies, and budgets defined by management, while
  • allowing for richness of data presentation and maximum network performance, all while
  • continuing to allow for scalability, expansion, and future network growth

StableNet® enables you to handle increasingly complex distributed systems and the trade-off between scalability and completeness of the information.

User Tech Level

  • Completeness of data presentation
  • Maximum network performance even within complex distributed systems

Management Level

  • Intelligent preprocessing allows for compliance with required policies & SLAs
  • Intelligent preprocessing allows for limitiing the associated time as well as costs & budgets

Provisioning & Orchestration

A lot of the day-to-day work administering a large network is focused on provisioning systems, and defining workflows.

  • Save time and costs in the duplication of workflow setup, policy definition, and other time-consuming repetitive tasks through the provision and orchestration tools within StableNet®
  • Network admins can execute automated installation, commissioning, and management of services and devices, administer compliance processes, etc.
  • Automating the management of these services not only saves time and money, but frees the network team for deploying new business services and supporting applications
  • Eliminating many of the errors that can occur when orchestration is left to an afterthought in system maintenance

Key in provisioning and orchestration with StableNet® is automated installation as well as commissioning and management of services and devices. StableNet® does not only allow for clearing out manual errors and increase efficiency, but also for ensuring compliance processes.

User Tech Level

  • Effective management of complex infrastructures consisting of many different technical systems
  • Less manual steps, less repetitions of naive activities during provisioning
  • Elimiation of risks associated with human error

Management Level

  • Faster workflows
  • Measurable costs
  • Reduction of improvements in the aftermath

Tagging & Grouping

StableNet® is built to accommodate every device, application, service, storage, service and user in your network. It is an all - in - one monitoring fabric and unified reporting and visualization platform.

  • Organize different network components into manageable groups to accurately monitor and resolve issues in different areas of your business, depending on the respective use case
  • StableNet® contains a rich set of tools that allow network admins to use one tool to tag and group data by any number of categories – data type, labels, users – so that they may be monitored and automated quickly and efficiently

With the tagging and grouping features, StableNet® offers full flexibility on many different use cases within the same central data storage.

User Tech Level

  • Elements withing the network can be classiied, organized, filtered and generally operated on
  • Representation of all use cases and thus better automation and flexibility
  • An almost unlimited amount of user-defined attributes can be assigned to elements

Management Level

  • Reducing the need of different tools and skill sets
  • All -in - one solution for many use cases saves time & money

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