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Infosim Awards

Infosim StableNet EMA Award Value Leader 2014 in Network Monitoring Software

Infosim StableNet EMA Award Value Leader 2014 in Network Monitoring Software

Infosim StableNet EMA Award Value Leader 2012 in Network Monitoring Software


MPLS & Metro Ethernet

Infosim StableNet - Request a Free TrialStableNet® management for MPLS, MetroE and Carrier Ethernet provides visibility into Layer 2 and Layer 3 MPLS and VPLS deployments. Leveraging topology and LSP path information collected via SNMP, StableNet® can manage MPLS/VPLS deployments including MP-iBGP and End-to-End path monitoring. StableNet® has native support for common edge devices such as Cisco, Juniper, Redback and others without the need for manual intervention or programming of correlation rules.

Infosim StableNet Network Monitoring Software

Supported Technologies

StableNet® supports the following technologies:

  • Layer 2 based on draft-kompella-l2ppvpn-version
  • Layer 2 based on Martini
  • Layer 3 based on RFC 2547bis (VRFs)
  • BGP VPLS based on Internet draft draft-ietf-ppvpn-vpls-bgp
  • LDP VPLS based on draft draft-ietf-l2vpn-vpls-ldp
  • 802.1ah Provider Backbone Bridging
  • QinQ Provider Bridging (802.1ad)

Key Features

  • VPN Auto Discovery
  • Network Visualization
  • Root Cause & Impact Analysis
  • Multi-Vendor Support

Product Advantages

  • Autodetects layer 2 and layer 3 VPNs at PE routers and the LSPs across the LSRs. Automatically discovers OSFP, ISIS, MP-iBGP and VLAN.
  • Graphically displays VPN topologies per customer and/or per technology.
  • Tracks the cause of a VPN End-to-End failure down to the LSR where the problem occurs.
  • Works with a number of different hardware vendors including Cisco, Juniper, Redback, Huawei and others.

Product Benefits

  • Auto-populate your CMBD with the actually deployed VPNs from our routers. Cut support time to a minimum.
  • See the connectivity and status of elements in a graphical topology display.
  • Provides ability to associated VPNs with customers to see customer and service impact to priorities NOC activities.
  • Improved scalability and flexibility in cross-domain and multi-vendor deployments.

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