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Packet Viper – Advanced Perimeter Defence

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Traffic Volume - The Silent Killer of Network Security

The unprecedented volume of traffic hitting networks today frequently leaves organizations vulnerable, unaware and unable to rapidly respond to the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape.  This lead’s security managers struggling to continually scale up firewalls, IDS/IPS to keep up with this illegitimate traffic.

Reduce your attack surface

pvPacketViper blocks all unwanted inbound traffic such as known malicious and hijacked traffic, unregistered IP’s and from unwanted regions from entering your network environment.   By using PacketViper Advanced IP Filtering reduces your threats and overall security cost, while increasing transparency and making traffic more actionable. 

Reducing Traffic Makes Everything Better

With PacketViper reducing the known illegitimate traffic right at the network edge, your layered security solutions like firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEMS all work better. Teams dedicated to log and alert review are more proactive, resulting in reduced risk and the ability to respond more effectively to known and unknown threats. 

1. Reduced processing and use of resources

2. Reduced logging and alerting

3. Reduced maintenance & management time

4. Reduced consumption related fees

5. Prevent outbound malicious communications

Cost Saving

As PacketViper reduces this unwanted traffic entering the security environment, the load through your existing security tools such as firewalls IPS/IDS is decreased so you don’t need to purchase more processing power to keep up with the onslaught of traffic.  


PacketViper Advanced IP Filtering Strengthens the Perimeter 

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