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CT966 LANforge-ICE 10 Gbps WAN Emulator - 64-bit

Please contact Telnet Networks if you prefer more than a single WAN Emulation.

The CT966 is an excellent choice for a 1U rack-mount network emulator supporting speeds up to 2.4 Gbps/OC-48 (bi-directional) or 4.8 Gbps when traffic load is not maxed out in both directions. The CT966 comes standard with 8GB RAM to support multiple seconds of latency. The CT966 fits into a standard rack and is 26 inches deep. It supports standard VGA, Keyboard, and Mouse interfaces for easy console/desktop access to the system. The CT966 is relatively noisy, so it is better for a data center deployment than a desktop environment. The CT966 hardware can support up to 4 WAN emulations with aggregate bandwidth of about 2 Gbps bi-directional.

No additional hardware or software is required, but you may wish to manage the system using the LANforge-GUI on a separate machine.


CT966 LANforge-ICE 10 Gbps WAN Emulator - 64-bit


Example Network Diagram

LANforge ICE Network Diagram


Quick Start Guide

  1. Connect Management ethernet port to Management network or management PC. If connecting directly to a PC, an ethernet cross-over cable should be used. Or, connect VGA, Keyboard, and Mouse to the chassis and manage it locally.
  2. Connect Client to one WAN emulation port and Server to the other. The two interfaces will be bridged and this bridge will inject the network emulation.
  3. Connect power plug to a standard US or European AC power source.
  4. If managing remotely, install the LANforge-GUI on a separate management PC or Laptop. Windows and Linux GUIs are supported: Select the correct one from the CDROM or Candela Technologies Download page and install it.
  5. The CT966 should now boot. If DHCP is enabled on the Management network, the CT966 will automatically acquire an IP address. If DHCP is not available, the IP address will be set to by the LANforge scripts.
  6. Start the LANforge-GUI on the management PC, or the CT966 server if managing locally, and click the 'Discover' button. It should find the CT966 appliance and add the IP address to the drop-down box in the Connect widget. Press 'Connect' and you will be connected to the CT966.
  7. Select the WanLinks tab in the GUI. One of the pre-configured tests should already be running. You may double-click the row in the top section to modify the configuration. You can also view a real-time report of the test with the 'Display' button. Any modifications take place immediately after you click 'Submit'.

LANforge-ICE Related Screenshots

WanLinks Tab
LANforge Manager


WanLink Display
LANforge WanLink Display Cross Connect


Create/Modify WanLink Window
LANforge Create/Modify WanLink


Software Features

  • General purpose WAN and Network impairment emulator.
  • Able to simulate DS1, DS3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-24, OC-48, DSL, CableModem, Satellite links and other rate-limited networks, from 10bps up to 2.4 Gbps (full duplex).
  • Can modify various network attributes including: network-speed, latency, jitter, packet-loss, packet-reordering, and packet-duplication.
  • Supports Packet corruptions, including bit-flips, bit-transposes and byte-overwrites.
  • Supports WanPath feature to allow configuration of specific behavior between different IP subnets or MAC addresses using a single pair of physical interfaces. WanPath support may require purchase of additional WanPath licenses, please ask your sales contact for more information.
  • Supports routed and bridged mode for more flexibility in how your configure your network and LANforge-ICE.
  • Supports WAN emulation across virtual 802.1Q VLAN interfaces more efficient use of limited physical network interfaces.
  • Supports 'WAN-Playback' allowing one to capture the characteristics of a live WAN and later have LANforge-ICE emulate those captured characteristics. The playback file is in XML format, and can be easily created by hand or with scripts. The free LANforge-ICEcap tool can be used to probe networks and automatically create the XML playback file.
  • Allows packet sniffing and network protocol decoding with the integrated Wireshark protocol sniffer.
  • Includes comprehensive management information detailing all aspects of the LANforge system including processor statistics, test cases, and ethernet port statistics.
  • GUI runs as Java application on Linux, Solaris and Microsoft Operating Systems (among others).
  • GUI can run remotely, even over low-bandwidth links to accommodate the needs of the users.
  • Central management application can manage multiple units, tests, and testers simultaneously.
  • Supports scriptable command line interface (telnet) which can be used to automate test scenarios. Perl libraries and example scripts are also provided!
  • Automatic discovery of LANforge resources simplifies maintenance and configuration of LANforge test equipment.
  • LANforge systems come pre-installed and configured with customer supplied network information.

Hardware Specification

  • High-End Intel Multi-Core 1U rackmount server.
  • Operating System: Fedora 8 Linux with customized Linux kernel.
  • Up to 14 PCI-e Intel Pro/1000 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports Additional 10/100/1000 ethernet interface for management.
  • At least one Quad-Core Intel processor (maximum of two processors).
  • 3 PCI-e x8 slots.
  • 4GB or more RAM.
  • 80GB or larger Hard Drive.
  • Slim CDROM drive.
  • Standard US or European power supply (automatically detects EU v/s US power).
  • Weight: 36 lbs or 16.4 kg.
  • Dimensions: 17.2 x 25.6 x 1.7 inches (26-inch deep 1U rackmount server) Metric: 437 x 650 x 43 mm.
  • Estimated Power Usage: 8.5 Amps @ 120VAC under load, 1.7 Amps idle.
  • ROHS compliant.

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