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WebBeat - Monitor Your Website

Web Site Availability and Performance Monitoring

IQ-Services Web monitoring - WebBeat Don’t leave the availability of your web site to chance; In today’s online economy you depend on your online presence to service your customers and generate online revenue.


Monitor your Online Presence 24 x 7

It is important to monitor your online presence at all times so that you are aware of the problems early enough before you have lost revenue.

WebBeat™ availability and performance monitoring services continuously checks the availability of your website at regular time intervals. If your online presence is not performing as expected then we notify you immediately by phone, page, email or an SNMP Trap.

WebSite Monitoring

IQ Services' WebBeat™ monitors you’re your website from the end user perspective by delivering real browser transactions that access your online solutions through the internet just as a real user would. The outside-in monitoring allows you to validate that the solution is delivering good customer experience around the clock.

Web Beat Data Sheet

What do you learn from OutSide in Monitoring

  • Can customers use your online solution RIGHT NOW?
  • Can customers successfully get through the Internet to your solution?
  • Are the transactions bring properly handled by your online solution
  • Are there any unplanned performance issues related to Web Access, redirection server, firewalls, systems, services etc?
  • Do transaction step response time meet your customer experience requirements?
  • Does your online solution perform the same at all times of the day?
  • Has something changed in the solution or production environment that has not been communicated or evaluation for impact on your customer?
  • Do trends in system performance indicated it is time to tune the system or upgrade capacity?

Immediate Alerting

Notifications are sent via the method you request

  • Telephone call, email, page, SNMP trap
  • Sent to appropriate person/team based on time of day or issue detected
  • Including escalation based on severity or number of transactions encountering an issue

Online Report Access and weekly report Summary

  • Immediate results are posted to the secure, online monitoring site, which also offers self-service monitoring controls.
  • Weekly reports detailing the results of all transactions are delivered via email

WebBeat™ availability and performance monitoring results give you confidence that your Online solutions’ performance is working now


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