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Outbound and Predictive Dialer Solutions

IQ Services Outbound and Predictive Dialer Solutions

Outbound and Predictive Dialer Solutions

When you reach out to customers through outbound calling, it should always be a positive experience for the customer. You can make sure that happens with IQ Services’ StressTest™ for Outbound and Predictive Dialer Solutions. StressTest provides reliable reports that let you know if your outbound and predictive dialer solutions are performing as they should – and whether or not you are TCPA compliant.

IQ Services works with you to set up a test plan that defines the answer conditions that meet your specific requirements, and then builds test cases so we can confirm when a call is handled properly – or if it is not, the test identifies and highlights issues so you can tune your dialer. Our plan can replicate answer conditions that are important to you such as, live or machine answer, voicemail, SIT tones, etc. And we can configure the test to interact with your dialer only, or exercise opt-out mechanisms that interact with IVR or live agents. We build the plan around whatever your customer service experience metrics require.

Next, IQ Services provides the telephone numbers (just a few, or hundreds, according to your needs), validates the set up and schedules the test. Then, you launch the campaign – typically with different levels of traffic and call conditions. In just a short time, you have real results that identify deficiencies before your customers are impacted. Results like:

  • Call attempts and answer conditions for each connected call
  • Wait time from “hello” to announcement audio
  • Wait time from “hello” to outbound agent connection
  • Screen pop verification
  • Nuisance rates
  • Other error conditions

Outbound and predictive dialing solutions can deflect inbound calls, boost your contact rates, increase agent productivity, and quite simply, take your ROI to a whole new level. IQ Services StressTest™ can make the difference.

Contact us today for more information on StressTest™ for Outbound and Predictive Dialer Solutions.


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