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Web Stress Testing - IQ-Services WebStress

IQ-Services - Web Stress TestingPerformance and Load Testing for Online & Web Solutions

Whether you are installing a new online contact centre solution or upgrading an existing solution, you want to make sure your efforts deliver the best possible customer experience and ROI. If the solution does not work as designed and customers do not use it as expected, your customer satisfaction and cost-savings objectives go out the window.

WebStress performance and load testing services give you the confidence and proof you need to decide your new, upgraded or recently repaired online solution is ready to provide the customer experience you expected. 

IQ Services' WebStress performance and load testing service is ideal for companies leveraging online solutions to communicate with customers and generate revenue.  WebStress performance and load testing allows you to demonstrate your end-to-end, online solution’s ability to handle heavy volumes of real-world traffic.

StressTest for Data Solutions Data Sheet

A typical WebStress performance and load testing engagement involves:

  • Defining test cases that simulate real customer browser transactions
  • User choices, secure login and secure transactions are tested
  • Configuring the test systems to automatically generate the test case-driven transactions
  • Generating gradually increasing levels of traffic through the Internet to load up the online solution
  • Sending sharp bursts of heavy traffic to further validate performance
  • Capturing extensive transaction data including response times, step results and page content
  • Posting real-time results so you can observe, tune and verify solution perform

Because WebStress performance and load testing results are posted real-time, you can identify issues more quickly to accelerate problem resolution.  In addition, you receive a detailed post-test report including actionable data for future benchmarking and improvement efforts.

WebStress performance and load testing results give you confidence about your solutions’ performance and help you answer the lingering questions including, but not limited to:

  • Can customers get to your solution through the Internet and firewalls?
  • Are transactions properly handled?
  • Is the appropriate account information populated on the page?
  • Is there any degradation in solution performance related to increased load?
  • Are there any unplanned performance issues related to Web access, redirection servers, firewalls, systems, services, etc.?
  • Do transaction step response times meet your customer experience requirements?

Sample Report Web Stress Test

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