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Data Warehousing and Reporting

NetIQ Analysis Center

NetIQ Analysis Center provides you with extensive levels of visibility into service and security management activities.

With its common reporting infrastructure, NetIQ Analysis Center offers a comprehensive view of your IT operational health, service level metrics and security activities. You can improve your IT service levels and operational efficiency while cost-effectively meeting compliance and operational integrity needs.

Succeed with the NetIQ Solution

  • Analyze and report on system availability, service level metrics, root-cause analysis and security activities through a single, unified console
  • Securely publish reports to Microsoft SharePoint so service owners and consumers can get customized, real-time information on how IT services are meeting their needs
  • Gain deeper understanding of your entire IT infrastructure’s health and be better prepared to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Perform complex, time-based comparisons of performance across different servers and applications with a simple and customizable reporting tool

Analyst Quote

"Combining systems information with security management means better visibility, cost savings, and higher efficiency when protecting and managing enterprise-wide IT systems."

Forrester Research Inc.
The Convergence of Security and Systems Management

Key Features and Benefits

  • Delivers unified systems and security reporting, providing increased service management functionalities, as well as common reporting and analysis in a single console. You are better positioned to guarantee SLAs, by demonstrating your key IT services are both secure and performing.
  • Improves IT-business communication with SharePoint integration enabling IT to demonstrate compliance and management of service levels with real-time customized activities reports to management and other teams. NetIQ Analysis Center also improves productivity by providing customizable classification of data so administrators know where to focus attention.
  • Enables effective capacity management by providing the views necessary to accurately load balance, secure and provision servers, as well as focus on capacity planning and virtualization.
  • Provides deeper knowledge of IT infrastructure health by continuously monitoring critical changes to the production environment and providing trending and predictive analysis. With this information, you gain deep insight into your overall IT health and performance so you can more accurately anticipate service level needs and requirements.
  • Drill down to detailed sub-reports from a customizable table of contents to view pertinent, easily accessible metrics for specific subsets of your environment, enabling enhanced performance management.

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