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Skylight Indoor GPS Timing System
Even though synchronizing network master clocks and time servers to GPS is well-known as the standard for the most time-sensitive applications, some data centers and critical server locations are not conducive to traditional roof-top GPS antenna installation. 


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Windows and Linux software applications improves NTP and PTP deployments

Spectracom GPS Antenna Products

Outdoor GPS Antenna Update - Model 8230 GPS/GNSS Antenna Replacement for 8225 and ANT-35


Many Spectracom products have embedded GPS receivers. Typically used for time and frequency applications, these products are synchronized by processing the precise timing information contained in GPS signals. A typical installation uses an outdoor antenna installation to collect and transmit the RF of the collected signals to the embedded receiver. As a solutions provider, Spectracom offers GPS antennas and accessories from 3rd parties. Several factors have resulted in a change to some of the GPS antennas provided by Spectracom. This document will provide more information about the change.

What is the change?

On October 1, we are discontinuing the GPS antennas models 8225 and ANT-35 in favor for the model 8230 antenna.

Why the change?

A new antenna offers a variety of improvements. In addition to GPS L1, its frequency range covers GLONASS L1 signals as well. This feature allows us to integrate GPS+GLONASS receivers into our products without the need for specialized antennas to take advantage of the diversity of signals now available from global navigation satellite systems. We have already introduced the GLONASS + GPS option in SecureSync®, and other products are on the way. The 8230 antenna has several other improvements: smaller/lighter, more gain and better filtering as shown in the chart below.

Spectracom GPS Antenna Products

Is the 8230 a drop in replacement for 8225 and ANT-35?

Yes, it has a female Type N connector to attach to an existing antenna cable, it uses the same power as supplied but the reciever, and will mount to a post or the ANY-KT with the included retaining nut and/or post mount L-bracket. What's more, every other GPS antenna accessory in our solutios set is compatible and continues to be available.


Spectracom 8230 Antenna mounted with L-bracket Spectracom 8230 Antenna mounted with ANT-KT


Do I need a GLONASS or GNSS receiver to use the 8230?

No, the antenna works just fine with a receiver that is only capable of processing GPS L1 signals.

Will I be able to receive GLONASS signals if I use the 8230?

No, the antenna is capable of receiving the RF signals from GLONASS but it is the receiver that is embedded in the product that does the work. It is the combination of a GLONASS capable receiver and antenna that allows GLONASS signals to be used for synchronization.

What about SAASM?

The 8230 is not compatible with SAASM (encrypted GPS signals). We continue to supply the 8225S for SAASM products.

What about Galileo, Beidou and other GNSS signals?

The 8230 should work with any signal in 1574-1606 MHz range. However it is the receiver that is the critical component, not the antenna. Our roadmap includes adding more capability to our systems as other GNSS signals come online and receivers prove beneficial (cost comparable) and reliable. In the meantime, contact us if you have a specific need for synchronization to specific signals other than GPS or GLONASS L1.

What if I need to have a 8225 or ANT-35 antenna?

The 8230 is better. But we understand there may be some specific circumstances that may need some “special handling”. Please contact us. We are happy to help!

What if I want to learn more?

The datasheet for the 8230 is available here.

Contact us for more information.

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