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2013 Network Trends: Top Four Predictions

Network Instruments 2013 Network Trends Top Four predictions


The primary challenges of ensuring reliable cloud performance revolve around the lack of metrics for monitoring SLAs and performance. Understanding these issues is critical for developing successful monitoring strategies.

Death of the PC is Greatly Exaggerated

While everyone is focused on BYOD and the latest tablets as the largest generator of end-user traffic, PCs aren’t going anywhere. According to Deloitte, more than 80 percent of Internet traffic measured in bits will be driven by traditional personal computers (desktops and laptops). The PC will continue to act as the center of operations for every employee.

Resolve: While optimizing services for the mobile user is important, don’t neglect your desktop surfers.

This Isn't the Year of Software-Defined Networks

Although you’ll hear a lot of discussion and hype around software-defined network (SDN) architecture, you’re not likely to see any SDN solutions in a physical enterprise production environment for around three to five years. It will take this long for clear standards and products to mature. Where you are likely to see movement sooner is within virtualized environments, which I would expect in around two years.

Resolve: Be familiar with SDN concepts, but don’t worry about it impacting your job in 2013.

Year of the Hybrid Cloud

Gartner® analysts are forecasting that by the end of next year, 60 percent of enterprises will have some form of cloud. Shifting costs and the expanded functionality from SaaS services like Salesforce.com® likely drove most companies to begin their entrance into the cloud. Other advantages of cloud will compel many to consider a hybrid approach for other applications. Applications like test and development or disaster recovery which can require scalable, flexible storage would benefit from this approach.

Resolve: Whether services are traversing public or private cloud, your monitoring solution shouldn’t go dark.

40 Gb and 100 Gb Production Environments Emerge

While 2012 was full of conversations around 40 Gb networks, actual adoption focused on 10 Gb deployments. While mobile operators and ISPs are currently leading the charge into the realm beyond 10 Gb, by the end of the year, transaction-heavy enterprises such as large banks and trading institutions will follow.

Resolve: When upgrading network bandwidth, verify your monitoring solutions can keep pace.

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