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Candela LANforge Fire/Ice release

March 15, 2012 - Candela Release 5.2.3 includes support for dual WiFi radios, dynamic reporting improvements, DHCPv6 and some other improvements to File-IO and WiFi. tables in the GUI now support saving their configuration through restarts of the GUI, as well as removing columns from view. Bug-fixes include better out-of-order packet calculation, some kernel-mode WanLink fixes.  Below are the new feature included in this release.   If you would like to upgrade please contact us.

pdf Candela LANforge Release Notes

Candela LANForge New Features & Improvements:

  • Dynamic Reporting improvements:  Allow reporting over arbitrary time slices instead of just the last 10 minutes, loading of CSV report files, and many other improvements.
  • WiFi:  Support WPA2 in virtual access points.
  • WiFi:  Support SSIDs up to 32 bytes in length (old max was 15).
  • WiFi:  Support multiple WiFi NICs in the same system.
  • Don't let users configure invalid MAC addresses (bit 0x01 set in first octet, or all-zero MAC address). Allow users to configure interfaces to be admin-down.  This will cause them to generally be un-used by the OS.  For WiFi Station interfaces, they will be un-associated, for instance.
  • GUI:  Allow saving column sizes and positions so that they will be reloaded in that configuration next time the GUI starts.
  • CTRL-S saves, CTRL-M allows adding/deleting columns, and CTRL-O returns the table to the factory defaults.
  • More obviously, right-click menu-items allow the save, reset, and column manipulation.
  • File-IO:  Improve batch-modify functionality:  Can change endpoint-type and read/write settings.
  • Support serving DHCPv6 in virtual routers and using DHCPv6 on interfaces to acquire the global IPv6 address.
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