Net Optics Director 6.0

Upgrade Now To Streamline Your Key Tasks

Now Director™ 6.0.1 upgrade streamlines next-generation monitoring to help you get ahead and stay there. Check out our expanded menu of access control and filtering capabilities, modified GUI interface, and improved system performance—for all Director and Director Pro models:

Net Optics Director 6.01 Security

Tighten up security with role-based access control for filters management

Administrators can assign degrees of filter access level to each user—including “no access” to filters Plus—you can now add a name and brief description to each filter for quicker, easier identification.

Net Optics Director 6.0 Expanded Port Statistics

Expanded port statistics tell more

See packet drop statistics for each below-criteria port, undersize packets(<64 bytes) and packets with MTU error.

Net Optics Director 6.0 streamlined DaisyChain Config

Way to Grow! Streamlined daisy chain communication

We amped up communication while cutting cost and complexity with intelligent new performance improvements.

Net Optics Director - Faster Load Filtering time

Faster filter loading saves time and effort

We’ve cut loading time for filters on standalone and daisy chain deployments to boost system performance.

Net Optics Director 6.0 SNMP

Improved SNMP Support

SNMP interface supports role-based access control for filters, filter name and description, system uptime, packet drop counter features. MIB syntax conforms to SNMP v2

Net Optics Director - Modified GUI

Modified Web GUI

We’ve redesigned our GUI and added support for filter tagging, up to 5 syslog servers, new filter control features, system unconfig, and system shutdown.

Plus More
  • Configure local log from CLI for added convenience.
  • Display system uptime since last reboot.
  • Revised, intuitive and specific format for error and warning messages.

Director software version 6.0.1 upgrade required. Version 6.0.1 supports Director models DIR-3400, DIR-5400, and DIR-7400 and Director Pro models DIR-3400P and Dir-6400P.

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