Net Optics Network Performance Management is More Business Critical Than EverNetwork Performance is More Business Critical Than Ever

Here at Net Optics, we’ve been seeing a new vision for IT and the Network solidify in businesses. The changing role of Network Admins has gone from providing basic access and security for in-office employees to delivering and supporting revenue enhancing tools and services for every employee, regardless of device, location or application.

This trend was echoed by Mark McDonald, group vice president for Gartner Executive Programs and Gartner Fellow who suggests "Effective leaders use technology, which includes IT, to strengthen the customer experience and eliminate costly internal distortions. They are using technology to ’amplify’ the enterprise." (

Amplified Business Equals Amplified Challenges

At Net Optics we’re acutely aware of the impact this new emphasis on technology will have on the Network and Network Administrators. Conflicting demands from users, new devices, new applications, and security & compliance regulations are increasing the pressure to adapt and maintain the Network while meeting stringent SLAs.

Net Optics envisions a seamless, end-to-end Access and Monitoring Architecture that delivers total visibility and transcends the physical/virtual concept to enable robust and responsive security, performance, low latency and manageability. This new architecture focuses on applications and access capabilities from corporate headquarters and across the distributed organization. Flexibility and responsiveness to change must be built into the fabric of the access infrastructure.

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