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Setting VoIP Server Configuration

It’s important to have VoIP servers properly configured within your monitoring solution to correctly identify and display VoIP traffic and connections. If the server IP and type aren't properly configured, it may be difficult to identify when calls were established (call setup) and completed (call teardown). In this discussion, we’re going to explore how to properly configure Observer Expert to handle Avaya systems under the Expert VoIP Settings menu. 

Avaya VoIP systems use specialized media and control processors to set up and teardown calls. Without configured settings a call transferred from one phone to another may not be followed. This leaves Observer to assume that the original call timed-out, so it establishes the transferred call as a new call. But with Observer, there's an easy way to identify these servers to help identify calls.

  • Choose Capture > Packet Capture from the Observer main menu.
  • From the Packet Capture screen click the Decode button at the top. From the Decode and Analysis screen select the Expert Analysis tab in the lower left-hand corner. Then select VoIP Events on the left side, listed under Expert Data.
  •  Click on Settings within the VoIP Events menu. This will cause the Expert VoIP Settings menu to appear. Under the General tab, you can list specific servers in the white box below Server Configuration.  
  • In the white box, click below IP to list the address of the server. You can then choose the IP type from the drop-down menu indicating it as a Server IP, Outside IP, Media Processor, or Control Processor.
  • Thanks to Network Instruments for this Article

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