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Troubleshooting 10 Gb: Are You Storing Enough?

If you rely on long-term packet capture appliances like GigaStor™ for troubleshooting, it’s essential to consider upgrading the appliance’s storage capacity whenever network bandwidth is increased. This is an often over-looked issue that you’ll want to consider and budget for, before rolling out 10 Gb.

The following graph illustrates how increases in network bandwidth and utilization impact the amount of time that you can capture and store.

Connection Percent Utilization Storage Capture Time
1 Gb 25% 48 TB 213 hours
10 Gb 25% 48 TB 19 hours

For example, having a 48 TB appliance monitoring a 25 percent utilized full-duplex gigabit link, you could capture 213 hours (nine days) of traffic. If you upgraded to a full-duplex 10 Gb network link being utilized at 25 percent, this would greatly reduce the amount of time your 48 TB appliance could capture to 19 hours. To avoid compromising your troubleshooting capabilities, you would want to increase storage capacity.

How do you ensure you’re not missing critical network events? Use the GigaStor Calculator to determine your storage needs. Based upon the number of interfaces and utilization, estimate how many days and hours of data your GigaStor will hold.

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Saturday, 02 July 2022

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