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StableNet® Enterprise is an advanced, unified and scalable network management solution for true End-to-End management of medium to large scale mission-critical IT supported networks.


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Infosim StableNet- Selecting a Unified Network Management System White PaperWhen researching the Unified Network Management Solution market space there are many sources of information available; vendor websites, market analysts, awarding bodies, community forums and magazine reviews. All this information can quite easily conflict and serve to confuse researchers.

To complicate matters further, vendors market their product functionality using the same or similar terms, but actually when looking a little deeper, the researcher often finds what a term means for one vendor, means something entirely different to another.

For example; the term Root Cause Analysis could mean that the management software automatically has an understanding of the topology of a network and is able to send alerts only on the failure of one device that is impacting many. Another product may only be able to achieve this by pre-configuring a series of manual rules which will require maintaining during the life of the tool.

As IT Professionals absorb all these information sources and the difference in perspectives, it can become very confusing and it’s easy to lose sight of what their business needs.

This document will identify areas that the author believes need to be considered when investigating the deployment of a new unified network management solution. In addition it provides a check list of key capabilities to use when comparing different vendors to be used within RFI’s and business cases.

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StableNet Enterprise- Automated IT Management & Business Service AssuranceBusiness Critical IT

Current and reliable data is a crucial for making solid strategic and operational decisions. This data is the foundation for budgeting, forecasting, analyzing, reporting and lastly improving your business. Intelligent solutions are necessary to drive cost reduction, enhance resiliency and raise user experience. Solutions must work seamlessly across enterprises as well as business units.

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Infosim Managing End to End VoIP-NetworksThere are any number of VoIP management solutions available in today’s market place. However, when you start to drill-­down into the capabilities of these tools they tend to focus on the performance elements of your network infrastructure and associated VoIP metrics (e.g. RTT, RTD\Latency, Packet Loss, Jitter, Moss, R-­Factor etc.) Assumptions are made on infrastructure and fault management being in place, so it is vitally important to assess the complete picture of your solution requirement before selecting the choice of tool to be deployed. VoIP monitoring lies central to this, as VoIP downtime and poor VoIP performance directly impacts such things as business performance, profitability and revenue. Achieving a consistent level of quality on VoIP calls requires multiple dependent components working properly, thus the importance of a monitoring system that correlates the infrastructure, performance, and fault management into an integrated End-­to-­End view is vital.

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StableNet® - WHITE PAPER Netflow Monitoring and Analysis using Infosim StableNet®NetFlow is a Cisco-developed flow technology that allows flow-monitoring for a given network. StableNet® is a unified network management system available in two options; namely, ‘Telco’ version for CSP/ISP/MSP customers, and ‘Enterprise’ for Corporations, Service Integrators, and Managed Services Operators. The StableNet® NetFlow Analyzer is a functional capability of the unified management system that receives and processes the flow-data being sent from the configured flow devices in the network. The flow-data is then subjected to deep-flow-analysis that results in a series of statistical and graphical real-time reporting. The reporting can be manipulated to detail-specific date/time ranges to be displayed in order to assist with troubleshooting-specific events that may have caused performance degradation or service loss.

This document will provide insight into the StableNet® Netflow capability and detail when Netflow is appropriate to beused and in what context it should be deployed.

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Infosim Stablenet White Paper E2E MonitoringNext Generation 3 in 1 Performance-, Fault-, Root-Cause- and Configuration-Management Software Solution for the unified IP-, IT-, IPTV and Cloud Services Infrastructure

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