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Behavioral Attack Detection


Prevention Is Necessary, But Not Sufficient

  • Do you believe you can actually prevent 100% of all attacks?
  • Would you know if an attacker were active on your network right now?

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Incident Response Solutions Only Help If You Know You’ve Been Breached

You can only call for help if you know you have a problem, and forensics and investigative data from a SIEM only helps if you know what you are looking for.

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You’re Drowning in False Positives and Useless Logs

Of all the hundreds and thousands of logs and alerts you received today, do you know which ones you need to follow up on?

catch attacker


We Can Catch Attackers When They Are Vulnerable

Wouldn’t it be great to turn the tables on an attacker and quickly knock them back out of your network?



You Should Detect Active Attacks, Not Just Malware

Sure you need to clean up malware, but don’t you want to prioritize your work around real threats to your systems and data, not to mention find threats that involve no use of malware at all?

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