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Infosim StableNet® - How to achieve multi-cloud monitoring

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Infosim StableNet® - Unify Your Infrastructure Management Systems for IoT

Managed Services using StableNet

Infosim StableNet® - Managed Services

Selecting a Unified Network Management Solution – A Researcher’s Guide and RFI Checklist

Infosim StableNet® - Selecting a Unified Network Management Solution – A Researcher’s Guide and RFI Checklist

StableNet - Automated Network Discovery

Infosim StableNet - Request a Free TrialThe StableNet® discovery-engine has a unique mechanism that when discovering a network intelligently prioritizes each device it discovers and assigns a weight-value to that device that automatically maps its hierarchical relationship and overall importance within the network topology.

How Discovery Works

Discovery of a network includes:

  • Supported Discovery Mechanism – SNMP (V1, 2 & 3), ICMP (PING), Generated Seed-File Discovery, external CMDB Discovery. Fully supports TACACS/Radius, LDAP etc. for role-based device login discovery.
  • Discovery of network vendor device property/asset information includes: chassis model types, card-slot model types, daughter-card types, power supply types, serial numbers, environmental conditions, etc.
  • Enrichment of the Discovery information via external sources
  • (service contract number, service and customer name, etc.).
  • Layer 3 & Layer 2 VPNs associated VRFs.
  • Physical & Logical inter-connects, Serial Links (Circuits), VLANs, Circuit & VLAN IDs.
  • Server (including Virtual Environments) & Application services (Windows, Linux, AS400, etc.).
  • Device Configuration (NCCM Module Required) Discovery & Backup.

Infosim StableNet Automated Network Discovery

Features of the Discovery Process

  • User-defined credentials-based auto-discovery.
  • User-defined explicit-discovery.
  • User-defined service-tree on-boarding structure.
  • Automated configuration management backup.
  • Device topological weighting for RCA (Root-Cause-Analysis).
  • Asset vendor type & associated peripheral discovery.
  • Network topological and service schematics.
  • Network and Service dependency mapping.

Advantages of the Discovery Process

  • Discoveries can be limited to a single network, or subnet, to a range of networks/subnets.
  • Customize network devices into specific network or service layer grouping to fit your business requirements model.
  • Complete audit trails of all device configuration changes.
  • Track asset movements.
  • Customize re-discovery schedules to capture device additions, deletions and changes.
  • End-to-end service discovery.

Benefits of the Discovery Process

  • Simplifies operation by automation of Fault and Performance.
  • Improvement of operational efficiency.
  • Rapid deployment time that allows for faster achievable SLAs & OLAs.
  • Building consistent on-boarding & configuration service templates.
  • Increased levels of service availability.
  • Building greater levels of correlation through best practice on-boarding techniques.
  • Reduces provisioning timescales through discovery automation and on-boarding.

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