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How to Achieve Mulit-Cloud Monitoring

Infosim StableNet® - How to achieve multi-cloud monitoring

Unify Your Infrastructure Management Systems for IoT

Infosim StableNet® - Unify Your Infrastructure Management Systems for IoT

Managed Services using StableNet

Infosim StableNet® - Managed Services

Selecting a Unified Network Management Solution – A Researcher’s Guide and RFI Checklist

Infosim StableNet® - Selecting a Unified Network Management Solution – A Researcher’s Guide and RFI Checklist

Automated Service Delivery & Assurance

Infosim StableNet - Request a Free TrialProvisioning of IT & Networking Services needs agility, simplicity and efficiency for your business success. Speed to deliver services today requires a new way of thinking. Yesterday’s systems will NOT deliver, or differentiate, the services that customers are demanding.

"A fully automated ‘zero-touch’ approach is required to attain a consistent, agile, & efficient service delivery and assurance solution."

Infosim’s StableNet® Unified Management System has been developed to fully automate corporations ‘Service Delivery’ & ‘Service Assurance’ processes. It has a flexible UI that can be tuned, adapted & integrated into a corporations existing IT systems, i.e. Auto-Trouble-Ticketing, Self-Heal etc. The Telecommunication Management Forum, the leading global industry association, states:

"To deliver growth, you need to automate your core business operations using commercial off-the-shelf systems, enabling you to focus on differentiation where it matters - innovative services, partnerships and business models."

  • Remaining a profitable business in today’s competitive markets requires a new way of working that allows you not only to remain profitable, but to also differentiate your services to customers whereby a competitive advantage can be realized. StableNet® is the key to remaining profitable as it dramatically simplifies your network operational service assurance.
  • StableNet® automates complex and time-consuming tasks, such as component on-boarding, performance reporting/monitoring, configuration management & Root-Cause-Analysis (RCA).
  • StableNet® achieves this level of automation via the policy-based discovery automation engine & Auto-RCA.
  • With StableNet® there is no need to write codes around event & alarm types for your network to interpret when changes have occurred, StableNet® is a ‘Next-Generation’ management suite therefore this process is automated at the network discovery stage.

End-2-End Integration

With StableNet® you can automatically provision a service End-to-End, enable the delivery of all the service reporting metrics, track the full OSS lifecycle of the service delivered from a single-touch-tool. StableNet® provides a fully integrated unified management platform to manage the entire service lifecycle of your network.

Zero Touch OSS

StableNet® has an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) where your network services are configured and tuned to your service requirements. Standard, Enhanced, & Premium service configuration can be fully automated through the NCCM functionality of StableNet® thus driving ‘Zero-Touch’ deployment methodology & configuration consistency in the monitoring of your networks, and the networks of your customers.

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