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Application Traffic Analysis

  • Overview

  • Key Features

  • Filtering

  • Flow Standard

  • Benefits 

Infosim StableNet - Request a Free TrialStableNet® has the ability to perform real-time traffic analysis using the 'Analyzer', 'Group Analyzer' and 'NetFlow' functionality. The StableNet® Agent, a 64 bit application supported on Windows and Linux, collects and processes flows. As a distributed flow collector it allows virtually unlimited scalability. The StableNet server acts as a centralized reporting system. The raw data of the flow is preprocessed; only highly compressed data is stored in the central data mart. One flow collector can handle several gigabytes of flow data per hour, Analyze historic flow data, and other flow details, including all NetFlow v9/IPFIX.

Infosim StableNet Traffic Analysis Screen

  •  Pre-defined reports
  • Comprehensive network filters
  • Analysis of traffic in specified QoS classes
  • BGP AS Filtering
  • Application awareness
  • TCP/UDP Port detection
  • Real-Time & Historical traffic views
  • Combined 'Grouped' analysis over several routers/NetFlow devices
  • Single interface flow Inspection

(Collected Metrics)

  • Top Talkers / Receivers / Hosts / Conversation
  • Top Applications / Protocols
  • Traffic per QoS Classes
  • Rule or time based reports
  • Real time flow analysis
  • Unlimited history flow storage
  • In-depth flow details with inbound & outbound traffic per host/application
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Distributed storage and statistics
  • Centralized reporting

  • Cisco NetFlow v5-7, 8–v9
  • Cisco NSEL (Cisco ASA NetFlow export)
  • Juniper cFlow
  • Huawei Netstream
  • IPFIX (HP, others)
  • sFlow
  • jFlow
  • Re-export to other flow collectors

  • The traffic analysis with StableNet® helps you answer critical management questions about your network:
  • Exactly what causes my network traffic?
  • Understand where the traffic is being generated from?
  • Who are the users?
  • What applications are they using?
  • Who and what is consuming the bandwidth?
  • Is my network being attacked?
  • Diagnose traffic problems faster
  • How is quality of service working?
  • Are network usage policies being followed?
  • Monitor application trends & behaviors

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