Ixia's iTap 10Gb Fiber Port Aggregator

iTap 10Gb Fiber Port Aggregator


The Ixia iTap™ 10GbE Fiber Port Aggregator makes network monitoring dramatically easier. The combination of a permanent, passive access point and remote monitoring of key traffic indicators increases management options and expedites your response to troubled links.

When an iTap Port Aggregator detects high utilization, it warns you with LEDs on the unit and notifications to monitoring software. You have no need for other time-consuming tools to see these trouble spots.

iTap Port Aggregators display real-time link utilization levels in both directions, including the size and time of the last peak. The iTap Port Aggregator is accessible from remote interfaces that provide information and control from anywhere in the network. This gives you both the information and passive access point you need to respond quickly to network events. For greater flexibility and response speed, use iTap Port Aggregators with Ixia Matrix Switches; control deployment of your analyzers from one point without disturbing any network connections.


The Ixia iTap Port Aggregator combines and regenerates both directions of a full-duplex stream, sending all aggregated traffic to one or two separate passive monitoring ports. Typically, full-duplex monitoring with a network tap requires two NICs (or a dual-channel NIC) with one interface for each side of the full-duplex link. The Ixia iTap Port Aggregators, however, enable one or two devices to simultaneously monitor a full-duplex link using only one NIC per device.

After the traffic has been aggregated to a single flow, it is usually no longer possible to distinguish the utilization levels of each side of the bi-directional link. The iTap Port Aggregator addresses this issue by tracking these levels prior to aggregation, keeping this vital information easily accessible from both remote and command line interfaces. With its visual display, remote interfaces, and half-duplex as well as full duplex modes, the Ixia iTap Port Aggregator creates an entirely new, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use category of passive access devices.



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