Ixia 100GE High Density Advanced Packet Processor

100GE High Density Advanced Packet Processor


  • Massively scalable with 12 QSFP28 port per card or 72 ports per system
  • High performance with 400Gbps of on-board packet processing capacity
  • Unmatched capacity with 2.4Tbps of advanced packet processing per system
  • Share the power of on-board PacketStack capabilities with other cards in the system
  • Only packet broker that is capable of 5-speeds (10/25/40/50/100GE)
  • Incredibly flexible with each QSFP28 port capable to run at any of the 5 speeds

Network speeds are being upgraded to meet increasing data on the network and user demands for speed and reliability. Consequently, data center build-outs are happening at a rapid pace with multiple speed platforms in play at once. This has lead to a more complex setup with multi-speed switching requirements; all of this has complicated managing and securing modern networks. To top it all, security and network tools are not keeping up with the speed upgrade cycle, leaving a gaping chasm.


Ixia's new 12-port multi-speed 100GE high-density line card for use with the Vision (NTO) 7300 Chassis family gives you the ultimate in expandability and flexibility to address this gap within the network and from the network to tools. It is the only card in the market that offers multi-speed capability on each of its 12 ports, capable of 10G, 25G/50G, 40G and 100G. This flexibility ensures readiness to transition to higher speeds instantly, while allowing tool upgrades to happen independent of network upgrades.

Network Speed Evolution 2

The rapid adoption of increasing speeds has led to complex environments where multi-speed switching and high bandwidth capability is a requirement. (Dell'Oro Group)


The 100GE line card also boasts the highest advanced packet processing function throughput available at an incredible 2.4Tbps per system. The capability on the 100 GE High Density Advanced Packet Processor can be shared across the entire chassis, again allowing maximum configurability. You can perform advanced functions reliably, with all features enabled at once, without packet drops. Moreover, the solution is space-efficient and cost-effective. 




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