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NetIQ Appmanager for Network Devices

AppManager for Network Devices is one component of NetIQ AppManager Suite (AppManager), which provides a comprehensive solution for managing, diagnosing and analyzing the performance and availability of distributed Windows-, Linux- and UNIX-based systems, applications and server infrastructures.

AppManager for Network Devices expands AppManager functionality by monitoring the performance and availability of key network equipment. Monitored devices include switches, routers and gateways for leading enterprise network equipment vendors such as Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Extreme Networks and Alcatel.

Key Benefits

  • Increases availability. Reduces network and application downtime with proactive management and built-in automated actions. AppManager for Network Devices quickly identifies the source of device failures and performance problems and consolidates event management. This module also detects when devices and network interfaces are down and automatically runs a corrective program to resolve potential performance issues before users are affected.

AppManager for Network Devices

  • Reduces support costs. Saves time by automating routine management tasks and corrective actions, allowing you to redirect efforts to higher-value projects. This module simplifies management with preconfigured Knowledge Scripts that allow you to set up comprehensive, 24x7 monitoring in minutes, eliminating time-consuming manual support processes.
  • Diagnoses performance problems. Helps you quickly pinpoint the source of performance problems—whether at the hardware, operating system or application level—with a centralized console that provides at-a-glance health status. Events are automatically color coded by severity levels-making identification of critical problems easy. You can set up automatic alerting to an e-mail account, pager or other wireless device.

Management Functions

AppManager for Network Devices includes Knowledge Scripts to create jobs that monitor the health, performance and availability of key network hardware. Each Knowledge Script can be configured to send an alert, collect data for reporting and perform automated problem management when an event occurs.

Here are some of the out-of-the-box management functions provided by this module:

  • Monitors chassis backplane, power supplies, fans and temperature and voltage sensors.
  • AppManager for Network Devices also monitors utilization for CPU, memory and flash memory and memory buffer errors.
  • Monitors packet rates and percentage of packet errors through key network equipment.
  • Monitors for operational status, packet loss, and errors on physical interfaces and LAN/WAN links.
  • Monitors bandwidth capacity and utilization on physical interface and LAN/WAN links.
  • Provides Host MIB support that enables AppManager to discover and monitor information from any device that supplies a Host Resources MIB.

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