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NetIQ VoIP Assessment Solutions, Vivinet Assessor

 NetIQ Vivinet Assessor VoIP AssessmentNet IQ Vivinet Assessor

Before you invest in a pilot VoIP deployment, use NetIQ Vivinet® Assessor to predict the overall call quality you can expect from the network so you can efficiently invest in upgrades.

VoIP deploymentNetIQ Vivinet Assessor enables you to verify call quality on your current network

NetIQ NetIQ Vivinet Assessor helps you quickly determine how well Voice over IP (VoIP) will work on your network prior to deployment. Before you invest in pilot deployments, use NetIQ Vivinet Assessor to predict the overall call quality you can expect from the network.

NetIQ Vivinet Assessor is an invaluable aid in VoIP deployment planning. It helps you:

  • Improve planning with predictive modeling, which narrows the scenarios that you will want to emulate on a live network
  • Determine if your network can handle VoIP by evaluating and reporting on the network's ability to support VoIP's unique network requirements
  • Predict call quality by collecting network metrics over time, which provides an accurate depiction of overall call quality once VoIP is deployed
  • Create background traffic to simulate the impact of other application traffic on VoIP call quality


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