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VoIP Troubleshooting - NetIQ Vivinet Diagnostics

NetIQ Vivinet DiagnosticsNetIQ Vivinet® Diagnostics is a VoIP troubleshooting tool that quickly pinpoints call quality problems in Voice over IP networks and explains why you are experiencing reduced call quality, to minimize troubleshooting time.


VoIP Troubleshooting

NetIQ Vivinet Diagnostics

Vivinet Diagnostics reduces the time needed to resolve voice quality issues and lessens the skills required for VoIP troubleshooting, both before and after deployment of VoIP. Though simple to use, the product provides the data needed to troubleshoot complex VoIP problems in Avaya, Cisco and Nortel environments.

  • Reduce the time spent resolving voice quality issues because you rapidly determine the cause of the problem and verify that your fixes were successful
  • Automatically collect data needed to understand the problem and perform analysis to prioritize problems according to severity
  • Identify root cause of VoIP problems to tell you why diagnosis occurred and where to look to fix the problem
  • Maximize your current technology by setting NetIQ AppManager® to automatically start Vivinet Diagnostics when needed

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