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STL-Satellite Time Location Signal

Spectracom Satellite Time Location Signal

STL is an independent, global reference that can be used to augment or in locations where GPS can’t penetrate, act in place of GPS. In the augmentation case, GPS with STL serving as a backup and as trusted source to validate the GPS reference. In indoor locations where GPS reception is not feasible, or prohibitive due to costs like cable run and leased roof access, STL can provide a reliable and traceable alternative.

Spectracom Satellite Time Location SignalKey Features:

  • New signal available today
  • Broadcast on the Iridium satellietes >30dB stronger than GPS
  • Higer jamming and interference resistance
  • Operates indoors
  • Encrypted Signal
  • Inherently anti-spoof
  • Subscription based service
  • Available for civilian use

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