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Sapling IP Clocks


One Cable - Zero Hassels

Sapling's IP Clck System has some of the most sophisticated technology used in the industry today. Utilizing Power over Ethernet, each clock is powered and recieves data all from one CAT5 cable.


Sapling IP Clocks Specs

Sapling IP Clocks Brochure

IP Clock Systems

Sapling’s IP Clock System gives you piece of mind and total control. Each clock is powered by PoE or Power over Ethernet, which provides power and data over the same Ethernet cable. Each clock has the ability to receive its time from a (S)NTP time server, there is no need for a master clock.

All IP clocks within the system can be controlled independently using Sapling’s built-in web interface. This software allows you to monitor every feature of the IP clock system from anywhere with a network connection. No need to worry about your current system, PoE can integrate easily with existing networks.

The Sapling Advantage

Sapling IP Clocks - IP Monitor Software

IP Monitor Software

Supervise the entire clock system and make system-wide changes using this simple PC program. This program will display all of the clocks that are present on the network and allow you to check on their status.  download button


Sapling IP Clocks - Built in Web Interface

Built -In Web Interface

Each clock has a web interface built right in, allowing the user to set features such as 12/24 hour mode (digital clocks only), time zone offset, domestic and international Daylight Saving Time, etc.*

Sapling IP Clocks - E-Mail Alerts

E-Mail Alerts

Get notification of any power failures, major time changes, NTP/SNTP server synchronization issues, display faults or mechanical failures all through e-mail.

Sapling IP Clocks - Server Synchronization Redundancy

Server Synchronization Redundancy

Store up to 10 internal or external NTP/SNTP server addresses to ensure synchronization in the event that one of the servers fails to communicate.

Sapling IP Clocks - Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Sapling’s digital IP clocks can be set to dim or turn off the time display at a scheduled time for energy efficiency

Sapling IP Clocks - FCC UL Complient

Fully Compliant

All IP clocks have UL, cUL and FCC approval or pending status.


 Please visit the links below to view what clocks are compatible with this system.


Sapling Analog Clocks Sapling Digital Clocks Sapling Master Clocks



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