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Sapling’s TalkBack Technology is revolutionizing the way clock systems operate. Along with providing accurate and precise time, the TalkBack System allows the secondary clocks to report back its current battery levels, signal strength, mechanical (analog) or display (digital) alerts, the last time a clock received a signal and much more to the master clock.

Most wireless clock systems can only receive the time, but with Sapling’s TalkBack Technology, the TalkBack System allows facility managers to be completely proactive when it comes to monitoring and maintaining the clock system. No longer are the days of hearing of broken or dead clocks from other personnel within the building. With Sapling’s TalkBack Wireless Clock System, the facility manger will have this information at their fingertips, giving them the upper hand in maintenance of the system.

Ideal for multiple building environments, Sapling’s TalkBack Technology works seamlessly without the need to install any wires and the ability to manage the entire clock system from one simple location.

The Sapling Advantage 

No Additional Server or Software Required

No Additional Server or Software Required

With Sapling’s TalkBack System, any secondary clock has the ability to communicate its status back to the master clock, eliminating the need for excess servers or additional software.

Battery Monitoring

Battery Monitoring

TalkBack Technology enables the wireless clocks to report back their battery levels to the master clock. This allows the maintenance staff to be proactive when batteries need to be changed instead of receiving complaints from employees or guests within the building.

Signal Strength

Signal Strength

View the signal strength of every clock in the system to ensure communication and see which areas of the building provide the best and marginal signals.

Mechanical or Display Alerts

Mechanical or Display Alerts

Automatically receive a notification if there are any changes in the mechanical or display functionality in any clock in your system.

E-mail Alerts

E-mail Alerts

Be notified of any changes or warnings in the system immediately with the built-in email alert function. Whether your clock is low on batteries, has been power cycled or has any type of mechanical or display failure, TalkBack will notify you of these occurrences.

Fully Compliant

Fully Compliant

All of Sapling’s TalkBack Technology clocks have UL, cUL and FCC approval or pending status.

Please visit the links below to view what clocks are compatible with this system.

Sapling Analog Clock Sapling Digital Clock Sapling Master Clock



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