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Wireless Repeater

The Wireless Repeater is an ideal choice for extending the Sapling wireless signal when longer distances between clocks are present. Upon receipt of the wireless signal from the main transmitter or any Sapling clock in the field, the repeater can transmit up to 1000 meters in open space which enables a broad transmission range to the subsequent secondary clocks in the field. The signal is transmitted once a minute and is capable of sending it to the SAL series analog wireless clocks and the SBL series digital wireless clocks.


  • Transmits the Sapling wireless signal to the SAL and SBL Series wireless clocks
  • Compact, slim design makes the Wireless Repeater versatile for mounting
  • Powerful transmission range — can transmit up to 1000 meters in open space
  • Wirelessly receives and transmits data
  • LEDs for indication of transmission and/or receipt of RS485 signal


Wireless Repeater Product Info

Sapling's Wireless Repeater- Specifications Sapling's Wireless Repeater- Engineering Specifications

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Sapling's Wireless Repeater Sapling's Wireless Repeater Sapling's Wireless Repeater

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