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IR Prognosis. Prognosis identifies issues fast so you can take rapid action to protect the quality of customer service. Keep systems humming, nip issues in the bud and validate 100% call recording guarantees are being met - all in real time.


pdf IR Prognosis - HeartBeat Popular

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Heartbeat White PaperPrognosis HeartBeat is cloudbased Testing as a Service for outside-in contact center experience management.

pdf IR Prognosis - Multi-channel Contact Centre Testing Popular

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Multi-Channel Conctact Centre Testing White PaperCustomers want to decide how they communicate with you, and how you communicate with them.

pdf IR Prognosis - Outbound & Predictive Dialer Popular

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Outbound Predictive Dialer Solutions White PaperAt last, there is a reliable way to be sure your outbound and predictive dialer solutions perform as you intend and comply with FTC regulations.

pdf IR Prognosis - WebRTC Testing Popular

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WebRTC White PaperWebRTC is an exciting butdisruptive technology that opens the door to a new wave of video, voice and data web applications

pdf IR Prognosis Automated Feature Function Testing Popular

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Automated Feature Function Testing White PaperPrognosis automated feature function testing is a handsfree comprehensive and repeatable way to test each feature of an IVR application against design documentation throughout its life cycle.

pdf IR Prognosis Testing Solutions Popular

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2015_TS_HQM_045_2_ENG Experience management testing overview.pdf

IR Prognosis Testing Solutions White PaperCommunications Technology Insight™ Services for Contact Center and Communications

pdf IR Testing Solutions - StressTest Popular

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StressTest White PaperPrognosis StressTest is a cloud-based load and performance testing service that gives you the insight you need to manage, tune and verify contact center performance.

pdf The future of contact centres -The age of the customer

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The Future of Contact Centers - The Age of the Customer.pdf

According to Forrester Research, Customer Experience (CX) is the number one priority for business and technology leaders*. 

This eBook was developed to assist organizations in their quest to deliver a better customer experience.   Where the challenge of delivering an omni-channel service, in a multi-channel world, has never been more complex.  We look at these 5 areas

  1. What is the age of the customer?
  2. Enter the e-contact center.
  3. Achieving a 360° customer view.
  4. Four keys to contact center success
  5. Successfully managing the omni- channel eContact Center.

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