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NetFlow Auditor

NetFlow Auditor provides a comprehensive and dynamic Network X-Ray that enables enhanced security and intrusion detection and eliminates network blindspots


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Netflow Auditor in a nutshell.pdf

NetFlow Auditor in a NutshellNetFlow Auditor is a complete and flexible toolkit for flow based network analysis, which includes real-time analysis, long-term trending and base-lining.

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NetFlowAuditor Brochure 3.5.pdf

NetFlow Auditor BrochureEvery Byte, Every Packet, Every Flow, Every Minute

Everything you have been waiting for in a flow-based network management solution

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Purpose Built NetFlow Analysis for ISP TELCO MSP Networks.pdf

NetFlow Auditor Brochure ISP TELCO MSP NetworksPurpose Built NetFlow Analysis for ISP/Telco and MSP Networks

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NetFlow Auditor Feature and Capabilites.pdf

NetFlow Auditor Data SheetNetFlow Auditor Product Features and Unique Capabilities

NetFlow Auditor collects NetFlow data using a unique patent pending collection methodology that highly reduces storage and overheads while enabling full-flow forensics analysis and insight of your Network.

pdf Using NetFlow Auditor to assist in identifying Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and other network behavior anomalies. Popular

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Using NetFlow Auditor to assist in identifying Denial of Service Attack (August 2009).pdf

Using Netflow Auditor to Assist In Identifying DDoS AttacksThis Paper covers how denial of service attacks (DoS) and distributed denial of service attacks (DDos) can be identified early to mitigate and attack. We will reflect a method to alert when changes occur outside of learnt baselines and how new patterns can be recognized when security analysts have access to technology that provides high visibility of traffic from utilization, conversation, packet analysis, packet size distribution analysis and byte usage and standard deviation methods.

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