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NetFort LANGuardian is deep packet inspection software for investigating, monitoring, and reporting on network and user activity.


pdf BYOD Monitoring - Get Real-time and Historical Insight Popular

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BYOD MonitoringUse wire data analytics to see what mobile devices are doing on your network.

pdf City of Armadale - Case Study Popular

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City of Armadale Case StudyLANGuardian provides instant visibility into Windows file share activity and assists in locating missing files.

pdf Five Key Challenges Facing Campus Network Administrators Today Popular

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Five Key Challenges Facing Campus Administrators TodayReal-world solutions for improving the security and productivity of students, educators and administrators

pdf Flow Analysis Versus Packet Analysis. What Should You Choose? Popular

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Flow Analysis Packet AnalysisFlow analysis can help to determine traffic statistics overall, but it falls short when you need to analyse a specific conversation in depth. Packet capture gives you ‘names’ = websites, users, applications, files, hosts, and so on. You can identify individuals and their access to and usage of resources.

pdf King Faisal Hospital - Case Study Popular

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King Faisal Hospital Case StudyKing Faisal Hospital gains insight into patient internet access and protects key applications with NetFort LANGuardian.

pdf LANGuardian and SolarWinds Orion Popular

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Solarwinds-LG integration.pdf

LANGuardian and SolarWinds OrionEnhance your Orion implementation with deeppacket traffic analysis and integrated user information.

pdf LANGuardian Integeration Pack for SolarWinds NPM Popular

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LANGuardian-SolarWinds-integration-pack (1).pdf

LANGuardian Integration Pack for SolarWinds Installation GuideThis manual describes how to integrate NetFort LANGuardian data into a SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor environment

pdf Monitoring WAN Connections Popular

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Monitoring WAN ConnectionsLANGuardian gives you the information you need to troubleshoot problems and monitor network bandwidth and make the best possible use of the available capacity. It shows at a glance how bandwidth is being used across your WAN, LAN and Internet links. It enables you to see details of usage by specific network links, users, clients, servers, applications and websites.

pdf NGC - Case Study Popular

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NGC Case StudyCase Study: NCG integrates LANGuardian with SolarWinds to monitor bandwidth usage on critical links

pdf Unified Network Traffic Monitoring for Physical and VMware Environments Popular

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LANGuardian Unified Network Traffic Monitoring for Physical VMWare Environments White PaperApplications and servers hosted in a virtual environment have the same network monitoring requirements as applications and servers in a physical environment. For organizational and technical reasons, virtual and physical networks are often monitored independently, making it difficult for network administrators to have a single view of overall network activity. This white paper outlines an approach, based on monitoring network traffic, that delivers a unified view of network activity across virtual and physical components of the network.

pdf Wire Data Analytics - Get Real-time and Historical Insight Popular

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Wire Data AnalyticsWhat is wire data analytics?

Wire data is data contained within the headers and payloads of packets and their associated flow data as traffic moves from one node to another.

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