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Network protocol analyzer for multi-segment LANs and WANs, SNMP, RMON, and Link Analyst for device mapping and route uptime monitoring.


pdf 3 Key Cloud Monitoring Metrics

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Network Instruments - 3 Key Cloud Monitoring MetricsWhen adopting monitoring strategies for cloud services, it’s important to establish performance metrics and baselines. This involves going beyond vendor-provided data, to ensure your monitoring tools provide:

  • Client-to-cloud performance views
  • Proactive benchmarking
  • Performance monitoring

pdf 4 Steps to Surviving Big Data

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JDSU Network Instruments - 4 Steps to Surviving Big DataThe benefits of big data include greater insight into customer sentiment, improved employee productivity, smoother operations and processes, and better decision making. And it’s not just talk; a growing number of companies are taking action to implement big data projects. According to a recent survey by IDG, 49 percent of the 751 respondents say they are implementing or are likely to implement big data projects in the future, with 12 percent reporting that they have already implemented such projects.

pdf 8 Ways to Fix Apps Fast

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JDSU Network Instruments- 8 Ways to Fix Apps FastHow often have you been told the network is at fault, when your gut tells you it’s an application issue? The primary challenge is determining where to look. If this sounds all too familiar, you’re in good company.

pdf A Network Guide for Videoconferencing Rollout

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JDSU Network Instruments- A Network Guide for Videoconferencing Rollout

The Biggest Videoconferencing Challenge? Real-Time Performance Management

Did you know that according to Enterprise Management Associates EMA™ analysts, 95 percent of organizations have VoIP on their network – and more than half have deployed videoconferencing? IP videoconferencing has strong appeal to businesses through its promise of significant cost and time savings.

pdf Analyzing Full-Duplex Networks

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JDSU Network Instruments- Anlayzing Full Duplex NetworksThere are a number ways to access full-duplex traffic on a network for analysis: SPAN or mirror ports, aggregation TAPs (Test Access Ports), or full-duplex TAPs are the three most common. This paper discusses the issues involved in deciding which type of technology to deploy. In short, your answer will depend on the rate of traffic being monitored, and the level of visibility you require.

pdf Avoid the VM Blackout: A Guide to Effective Server Monitoring

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Network Instruments- Avoid the VM BlackoutWhen it comes to IT services, business value and user satisfaction are both dependent upon the server, network, and applications all working together seamlessly.

pdf Data Security and Performance Management

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WP_is_your_pm_solution_ a_target.pdf

Network Instruments Data Security and Performance ManagementIs your performance management solution a target for attackers? With increasingly creative exploits, it is important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to data protection. Performance monitoring tools that do not keep pace can leave your information vulnerable.

pdf Getting Ahead in Managing VoIP and Videoconferencing Performance and Quality

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Getting Ahead in Managin VoIP and Videconferencing Performance and QualityThe Coming Wave of IP-based Live Videoconferencing

The future of all telecommunications is undoubtedly IP-based. Voice over IP (VoIP) is now considered mainstream within enterprise organizations, and a growing number are embracing the next phase of this evolutionary track by deploying IP-based live video communications. IP videoconferencing has strong appeal – it can effectively deliver ever-important direct and interactive human communications that typically occur only during face-to-face meetings, but without the requirement that one (or both) parties be in the same physical location at the same time. This can translate into significant travel cost savings as well as reduced disruption to productivity – a compelling business case that can rapidly return investments.

pdf Hidden Cost of Optimizing Application Performance

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The right Application Performance Management (APM) solution can help IT operations staff deliver optimal service performance without requiring additional resources. This guide will help accurtely assess all costs when evaluating APM products

pdf Hidden Cost of Optimizing Application Performance

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The right Application Performance Management (APM) solution can help IT operations staff deliver optimal service performance without requiring additional resources. This guide will help accurtely assess all costs when evaluating APM products

pdf How Will IPV6 Impact your VoIP System- IT Brief

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how-will-ipv6-impact-your-voip-system (1).pdf

Network Instruments IT Brief- How Will IPV6 Impact Your VoIP SystemThe truth is not all VoIP vendors are prepared and it’s up to you to take charge. Let’s look at 3 critical areas
needing consideration to ensure your communications systems are IPv6 ready:

  • VoIP system hardware
  • Security
  • ISP network translation

pdf Implementing Unified Communications

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Network Instruments Implementing Unified Communications With ObserverWhile UC enhances business processes, it can overwhelm networks when application performance isn’t closely monitored. Any performance delay will be immediately noticeable to the user.

pdf Managing Application Delivery from the User's Perspective

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Network managers are tasked with monitoring end-user experience, but provided minimal direction on how to accurately assess user interaction with business applications. This white paper shows how to accurately assess end-user experience, interpret key metrics, and proactively identify performance problems

pdf Network Instruments - Eglin Air Force Base Case Study

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Network Instruments Eglin Air Force Base Case StudyCHALLENGE

War games. Disaster response. National security. Each of these things falls under the purview of the elite technical developmental test team that is the 46th Test Squadron. Operating from Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, as part of the 46th Test Wing, the 46th Test Squadron exists at the place where military tactics meet execution—where massive amounts of money and labour are at stake and failure to test a system properly is not an option.

pdf Network Instruments - State of the Network

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This is the Fifth Annual State of the Network survey includes input from 163 respondents who manage their organizations’ network, systems, and applications. The survey identifies how emerging technology trends and challenges will impact future service delivery and IToperations management.

pdf Network Instruments GigaStor 10Gb Wire Speed

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Network Instruments GigaStor 10gb Wire Speed10 Gigabit Ethernet Capture Performance Evaluation

The price and performance benefits of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) have accelerated its use in enterprise and service provider networks. With it, though, 10GbE brings a torrent of traffic that can overwhelm a typical network trace tool in seconds. In fact, a fully-loaded 10GbE network can generate over a terabyte of data bi-directionally every seven minutes. 

Network Instruments commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance of its GigaStor 10Gb Wire Speed network data recorder. Specifically, tests were focused on illustrating 100% sustained data capture at full-duplex, 10 Gbps data rates. 


pdf Network Instruments Management Server

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Information on the Network Instruments Management Server.

pdf Network Instruments Seventh Annual State of the Network Global Study

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Network Instruments Seventh Annual State of the Network Global Study 2014When it comes to the endless snarl of today’s networking highways, it’s easy enough to get lost. Released in May, the Seventh Annual State of the Network Global Study by Network Instruments® has captured some interesting trends among IT professionals that suggest a definitive need for more input. Over 240 respondents called out Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and 40 Gb as growing areas of focus, while interest in Unified Communications (UC) remains high. However, most notable is the fact that for the seventh straight year, survey results indicate that the top troubleshooting concern is still determining whether problems originate in the network, system, or application. With the constant and accelerated changes in the networking landscape, it is no surprise that many feel like travelers without a map.

pdf Network Instruments Sixth Annual State of the Network Global Study

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The Sixth Annual State of the Network survey incorporates responses from 170 individuals tasked with monitoring their organizations’ network, infrastructure, and applications. This year’s study yielded several surprising developments related to video and UC adoption, while validating the pervasiveness of cloud within global corporations. A summary of results follows.

pdf Network Instruments South Yorkshire Police- Case Study

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Network Instruments Case Study- South Yorkshire PoliceCHALLENGE

South Yorkshire Police was an early adopter of proven technologies including Voice over IP, video conferencing and http-based systems specific to police practices. These applications run over a complex network infrastructure linked to two data centres.

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