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Network Performance Management

Fix Network Issues Before they Become Issues

Network Performance Management

Why Monitor Your Network

Network Performance Management

Your business relies on your network infrastructure to deliver network applications to your end user, and customers. Two benefits Network Monitoring give you

  • You can detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues and outages before you start getting calls asking if the network is down.
  • Increased network efficiency by avoiding bandwidth and performance problems by identifying what applications servers are using bandwidth.

Network Tool Consolidation - How Many Tools do You Need?

After many years you have probably acquired specialized IT management to monitor specific technologies within your environment. This can lead to having many tools with technology overlap and increased resources to manage each one of these tools. Telnet Networks believes that a unified Application and Network Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting tool can reduce your cost to manage the network while providing faster incident resolution and higher network service reliability.

Many vendors will present a consolidated solution that looks good on paper, but in reality they are still implementing several disparate tools, with different databases and no unified presentation layer. By having one code set you reduce your Total Cost of Ownership, your speed of deployment increases.

Which Network Monitoring Solutions is Right for Your Organization?

This depends on a lot of factors like the technology that you would like to use, and the budget that you have available. 3 areas we need to consider are:

  • Network Management Data Collection Data Collection: Performance data is gathered on variables of interest, and where we can collect this data
  • Network Management AnalysisAnalysis: This data is then analyzed to determine what is normal on the network
  • Network Management ThresholdsThresholds: For each of the above variables of interest we then learn what is normal on the network, and if a parameter is out from this norm then an alert will be generated that needs your attention.

To see which solution meets your requirements call or Request a consultation.

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