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Telnet Networks - Managing Network Performance

Telnet Networks provides solutions and services which allow you to successfully assess and predict the performance of new applications on your converged network.  We can help you achieve network reliability through proactive monitoring, security management, traffic analysis, and health monitoring of the network infrastructure.

Network Performance ManagementManaging Network Performance

Your Business relies on your network infrastructure to deliver network applications to your end user. Network Management software is not enough, with today’s complex networks, you need a Performance First™ approach to network performance management and application delivery.

Network performance management consists of the ability to measure, model, plan, and optimize your network to ensure that they carry each applications with the speed, reliability, and capacity that is appropriate for the nature of the application, within the cost constraints of the operation.

Network Visibility

Achieve Network Visibility

A network visibility architecture is the end-to-end infrastructure which enables physical and virtual network, allows you to  Capture, Replicate and Aggregate Inline or Out of Band Network Data Traffic without any packet Loss, and using advanced features such as data Replication, Aggregation, Packet Filtering, Slicing, Masking, Deduplication, and Time stamping.  This allows you to deliver the Right Packet to Right Tools like IDS, APM, NPM, Monitoring and Analysis Systems

Developing a visibility architecture involves the use of Network Taps, Network Packet Broker and bypass switches.

Network Verification Performance Testing

Understand Your NetworkIntroducing new applications (VoIP, Database) or adding new infrastructure technologies (WAN acceleration optimization), into a IP Network brings new risk such as

  • How will this application change or perform on my network?
  • How will it affect network traffic and the performance of my existing applications?

Network Performance testing is often either omitted or is performed as an afterthought with no plan. When a new service is deployed IT departments are often unprepared for the performance problems that they encounter, and then are left scrambling to scale to meet the increased demand.

Performance testing reduces the risk by allowing you to run realistic and "worst-case" testing in a controlled way. Traffic Generation and Network Simulation are two tools that help reduce the cost of new product development and the risk of deploying new technologies and networked applications.

  • Performance Testing – using traffic generation and wan simulation tools to determine the impact of adding applications to your network.

Time Synchronization Solutions

PNT - Precision Timing and SynchronizationPNT - Resilient Positioning, Navigation & Timing Platforms are required for the most critical applications.   High performance timing solutions include GPS/GNSS time servers, master clocks, NTP appliances, and PTP (IEEE-1588) time servers with enhanced resiliency provided by alternative signals and anti-jamming technologies.


Synchronized Timing SolutionsSynchronized time displays allow you to have every time display show the exact same time so no matter what part of the building or campus you are in all the clocks will be uniform and accurate and automatically update for daylight saving time.


Digital Clock Message boards from Sapling and Novanex solutionsDigital Clock Message boards located in high traffic clock locations can provide and important messaging capability.  Message clock systems can bring visual notification to your facility, especially in busy noisy environments like hallways, lobbies, gymnasiums, stairwells, or office spaces.  During normal operation the message board can present a time of day message.  This can be switched to a high priority message which replaces all other messages during a time of crisis.

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