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Leveraging a Visibility Architecture Really Can Make Your Life Easier!

A Visibility Architecture, is an end-to-end approach to network, application, and security visibility. For some, the first questions asked will likely be “What is a Visibility Architecture?” and “Can it really help me?” The answer to both questions is a resounding yes! First of all, what do we even mean by visibility? Visibility is defined by Webster as the “capability of being readily noticed” or “the degree of clearness.” By network or application visibility, for example, we are talking a...

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RECORDED WEBINAR - Next-Generation Network Security Strategies: Incident Prevention, Threat Insights, and Network Visibility

Enhancing Impelix IMPACT Next-Generation SIEM with Network Flow Data from Cubro A comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity and organizational risk has become a requirement for ongoing stability and success for every organization. Join Impelix and Cubro to explore the seamless integration of Impelix's cutting-edge SecOps Platform with Cubro's ne...

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5G Open RAN Testing

Open RAN promises to reduce cost and drive innovation in 5G networks. RAN hardware and applications running over the RAN must be thoroughly tested and qualified while under the presence of real-world network delay and impairments. The two main reasons for this: 1) The multi-vendor nature of Open RAN means components may not work well together, impa...

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Why ProfiShark is used for packet capture, especially in TSN networks

Importance of capturing network traffic Capturing network traffic involves accessing and recording the data that travels over a network. There are severalreasons and use cases for capturing network traffic. The first reason is Network Troubleshooting and Diagnostics. An inoperational network or a bad performance event oftenrequires packet capture t...

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What is Network Detection and Response and How Does it Work?

By Filip Cerny of Flowmon Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a cybersecurity approach that focuses on identifying and mitigating malicious activities in real-time. NDR is an indispensable piece of an overall security operation strategy. So, what is Network Detection and Response (NDR)? Network Detection and Response uses non-signature-based te...

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Latency vs. Jitter: Monitoring network performance

Jitter and latency are critical parameters in assessing and maintaining network performance. Network engineers need to be able to distinguish between them when optimizing network performance. Latency, the delay in data transmission, directly affects user experience, application responsiveness, and data transfer efficiency. Jitter is the variation i...

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5G Security

5G has introduced a number of improvements in security compared to 4G. 5G standards development has adopted 'Secure by Design' principles, using for example Mutual Authentication and acknowledging that all links could be tapped, but making sure that the encrypted information is worthless when intercepted. Security is a wide topic and has different ...

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Remote network analysis with IOTA

Networks on remote sites can be tough to monitor. Often, there is limited visibility capability, and getting network engineers on location for onsite troubleshooting is costly and time-consuming. When you need to capture and analyze data across multiple locations, Profitap IOTA offers an ideal packet capture and analysis solution consisting of EDGE...

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Solving 40G and 4x10G compatibility challenges

Growing networks bring a growth in data transmission speeds with them. Although this is usually a good thing regarding bandwidth capabilities, different transmission technologies can result in incompatibility problems between connections. For example, in the case of 40G and 4x10G connections. 4x10G and 40G are two high-speed data transmission techn...

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Happy New Year!

As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with open arms, our team will be returning to the office on January 2nd. The holidays have provided us with a much-needed opportunity to recharge, reflect, and set our sights on the promising possibilities that lie ahead. Here's to a year filled with collaboration, innovation, and growth!

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Tackling security monitoring in high-speed networks 100/400G with Cubro Visibility Solutions

As organizations move towards higher-speed networks like 100/400G, they often encounter unexpected hurdles when it comes to security monitoring. The need for faster data transmission clashes with the limitations of existing tools, leaving them ineffective and struggling to keep up. In this blog, we will explore the challenges faced in security moni...

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A Better Way to Test the Functionality of Your IVR Application

If you have deployed or are about to deploy a hosted or premise-based IVR application, you understand how much time and money go into the design of a really effective application. It must offer easy to use self-service functionality to customers or users with a wide range of expectations, requirements and experiences with your company and its communications processes. The design must balance the need to make opting out to an agent simple while still making it easy and desirable for customers to ...

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Comparing Private and Public Cloud Deployments

Companies in every industry are moving all or part of their infrastructure to cloud solutions.  Deciding to use a public cloud or your own private cloud or mixture is a decision we must make, Private clouds can deliver many of the benefits and savings that a public cloud solution can offer. Some of the most common benefits cited for cloud solutions come from the consolidation into a centralized model.  Let’s take a closer look at the list of benefits for moving to the cloud and ho...

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Cybereason Sets the New Industry Standard in 2023 MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations: Enterprise

Written by Maranda Cigna, Vice President of Product Marketing at Cybereason Fresh off the press: the results of the 2023 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluations: Enterprise have been published, putting 30 security solutions to the test in real world scenarios that mimic the Turla threat actor. As is customary, many vendors have been in a frenz...

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When Done Right – Visibility Pays For Itself

Security and monitoring tool expenditures continue to be a large expense for enterprises. As enterprise network bandwidth consumption demands increase to 40, 100, and even 400 GE, there is a corresponding need for bigger data pipes, along with newer and faster tools. This is where IT management gets caught in the middle. Without new technology inve...

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The 4 Golden Signals to Ensure IT Network Availability

 Modern IT networks have become much more profound and more difficult to secure. Data integrity and monitoring performance are crucial for maintaining a smooth and efficient network. To enable a smooth and streamlined process, It is best to rely on key performance indicators known as the "4 Golden Signals" - latency, traffic, saturation, and e...

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Network Visibility & Controlling Costs Are Both Important to IT – See How You Can Have It All

As most IT personnel know, network visibility is a crucial component of any IT network. If you can't see the problem, how are you going to fix it or even find the problem for that matter? At the same time, you want to be selective about the solution you purchase so that you don't waste precious time and effort. This white paper provides a deep dive...

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Ebook: Network Visibility for Network Monitoring and SIEM Integration

 This e-Book is a comprehensive guide to understanding Network Monitoring and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) the differences between the two and how you can use a network visibility solution to streamline these solutions. In today's digital landscape, network monitoring plays a vital role in identifying issues, optimizing net...

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KeySight Releases 2023 Security Report

Keysight has released its 2023 Security Report. This report explores the key threats in 2022 and what you can expect in 2023. The key take away discussed in the report. 1. Ransomware will be a constant threat that must be addressed ahead of time by IT security departments Ransomware security attack successes are an indicator of a weakness in m...

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Network TAP Split Ratios & Loss Budget

Written by Jerry Dillard, CTO and Co-founder of Garland Technology. Do you know what a Split Ratio is on a fiber network TAP? Well there was a time when I didn't, either. But I know what a seven-ten split is in bowling and I know what it means to "split hairs," but I didn't know what a "Split Ratio" was until I started to work on designing and...

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