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Optimizing Networks with Ixia

Ixia's Visibility Architecture

We work with more than 40 of the top 50 carriers worldwide, as well as many of their largest customers and the companies who provide infrastructure technology for their networks. We’re the “application performance and security resilience” company – we help you make sure technology works the way you expect it to out of the gate, and keeps on doing it throughout the deployment lifecycle.

Today’s mobile subscribers are what we call “tough customers”: they expect instant availability and high performance, all the time, everywhere they go, and they tend to remember the “hiccups” more than all the times everything works just fine. No one has patience for dropped calls or choppy video or slow downloads anymore.

And that’s where Ixia comes in. We helps carriers and other providers worldwide exceed the expectations of their toughest customers. Physical or virtualized, wired or wireless, we can help you build and validate, secure, and optimize networks that deliver.

We do this with powerful and versatile hardware and software solutions, expert global support, and professional services, all designed to ensure user satisfaction and a great bottom line.

So what does this mean to you?

The Growing Performance Challenge

Right now we’re going to talk about optimizing your network and security over time—after you’ve validated and deployed new technologies and services.

  • How do you maintain quality with more mobile devices connecting to more data from more sources?
  • How do you manage and help customers manage the impact of the “BYOD” trend?
  • How you monitor the performance of VNFs in a newly virtualized environment?

These and other challenges are complicated by customers’ high expectations for always-on access and immediate application response. Not to mention new “blind spots” created by virtualization and the growing complexity of networks.

Today’s monitoring systems can quickly become stressed, making it harder to keep up with traffic and filter data to the appropriate tools. Optimizing the network requires 100% visibility into traffic along with real-time intelligence.

During the operations phase of the technology lifecycle, companies are looking to obtain actionable insight into performance, and maintain seamless application delivery. More intelligence –and sometimes more advanced tools –are needed to maximize visibility, and maximize the value of existing investments.

To meet both business and technology goals requires a highly scalable visibility architecture like Ixia’s to eliminate blind spots, and add control without adding complexity.


One leading European bank with more than 13 million customers, 5,000 branches, and 9,000 ATMs needed to upgrade its infrastructure to meet new internal compliance standards. The company was also upgrading data centers to 40GbE, and looking to integrate the new links with the current traffic monitoring systems.

Ixia’s Net Tool Optimizer solutions made for an easy transition. The NTO family of network packet brokers or “NPBs” –are we sure we have enough acronyms? – helped connect the new 40GbE links to their monitoring system with no downtime, and helped them meet the new compliance requirements while providing for future growth.

Benefits included reducing the load on existing monitoring tools by more than 40%. Pretty powerful stuff.

Ixia Difference

So what is the Ixia Visibility Architecture? Basically it’s the sum total of the industry’s most comprehensive product portfolio.

This includes the NPBs we just talked about that aggregate and filter traffic to monitoring tools, as well as “taps” that provide visibility into any network link, and virtualized taps or vTaps that eliminate new blind spots created during virtualization.

The Ixia portfolio delivers 100% visibility and into the network at speeds up to 100Gbps. No matter what type of traffic you’re running – games, online banking, video streaming, online shopping, automotive Ethernet, and the like – application traffic IS the network, and Ixia visibility solutions help optimize the customer experience in real time, and over time.

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Thanks to Ixia for the article. 

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