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Timing Behind the Scenes – Hospital Transportation Department

Timing Behind the Scenes – Hospital Transportation Department

Hospital examination rooms, the ER and the various operating rooms are always filled with patients looking to recover from their ailments or diseases, recovering all the way to full health. Hospitals and their employees provide the place and care for these patients to become full operational people. The need to go to several different areas of the hospital facility throughout the day, to get examined or x-rays performed, is necessary in order to heal the ailments. Most of these patients, however, won’t be able to maneuver from certain areas of the hospital to others. They need assistance to get around; this is where the hospital’s transportation department comes into play.

As you know, a hospital’s employees are pivotal to the daily operations of a hospital. Doctors and nurses are involved with performing surgeries, administering medications and prescription drugs, or providing the best overall care to patients that they can. These are obviously large responsibilities, but they couldn’t be done without the help of dozens of other employees behind the scenes. The transportation crew is definitely one of these outstanding resources. These people use wheel chairs, push gurneys or movable beds to pound the tile floor for miles a shift, transporting the patients to where they need to be on time.

Furthermore, their personal interaction with these patients cannot be understated. Many times, providing a comforting hand helps eases the stress and nerves contained by the patient. This will also benefit the doctors and nurses, making their job a little bit easier.

Something that makes every hospital employee’s jobs a bit better is a Sapling synchronized clock system. Providing the most accurate time that’s in sync with every other room in the hospital is quite beneficial: medicine can be administered at the proper time, accurate record keeping can occur and the hospital transportation crew will limit, if not eliminate miscommunication, and always bring the patient to the room they need to be in at the correct time.

Thanks to Sapling for the article. 

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