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Top Ten Things You Learn from IQ Services’ Outside-In Monitoring

  1. Are carrier and toll-free services still correctly provisioned?IQ Services- Top Ten Things You Learn from IQ Services’ Outside-In Monitoring
  2. Are cloud services working as expected?
  3. Are IVR and self-service applications up and running?
  4. Are host response times acceptable?
  5. Are speech recognition and TTS services available?
  6. Are failover/backup servers up and ready to take traffic?
  7. Did the right data pop on the agent’s desktop?
  8. Does call intelligibility degrade at certain times of day?
  9. Is your customer-facing technology performing 24 x7?
  10. Are customers having the issue-free technology experiences you planned for them?

IQ Services’ Outside-in Monitoring services for contact center and communications solutions use real single or multi- channel transactions (phone calls, browser sessions, faxes and emails) to ensure your end-to-end self-service contact center and communications solutions are available and performing as expected 24 x 7. Because transactions are generated remotely and interact with your technologies just like customers – at the “top of the stack” instead of at the server level – this type of monitoring offers a holistic view of the performance of your integrated contact center and communications solutions.

Every company should be concerned about the gap between internal monitoring and actual end-to-end performance and customer experience. Outside-In Monitoring is the right bridge to fill that gap.

Thanks to IQ Services for the article. 

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