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IR Prognosis. Prognosis identifies issues fast so you can take rapid action to protect the quality of customer service. Keep systems humming, nip issues in the bud and validate 100% call recording guarantees are being met - all in real time.


pdf IR IVR Automated Feature Function Solutions Popular

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Testing Large Contact Centre Systems

Just because your system is very large doesn’t mean you can’t thoroughly test it. IR Testing Services can help you configure incremental and/or comprehensive test strategies so you can be confident your very large contact center solutions and supporting infrastructure really work when you go into production. And for solutions that allow customers to pick the form of presence most convenient for them – voice, Web, chat, email, callback, click-to-call, faxback, etc. –  This white paper discusses the testing approaches you can take to be proactive in your testing requirements

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The future of contact centres -The age of the customer
According to Forrester Research, Customer Experience (CX) is the number one priority for business and technology leaders*. 

This eBook was developed to assist organizations in their quest to deliver a better customer experience.   Where the challenge of delivering an omni-channel service, in a multi-channel world, has never been more complex.  We look at these 5 areas

  1. What is the age of the customer?
  2. Enter the e-contact center.
  3. Achieving a 360° customer view.
  4. Four keys to contact center success
  5. Successfully managing the omni- channel eContact Center.

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