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Ixia network visibility solutions provides the components of your visibilty archectecture which include the access layer, virtual visibility and network packet brokers so that you can aggregate, filter, load balance and depluciate your network traffic to your monitoring tools 


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Ixia-Anue-Paradigm-Shift-white-paperDelivering Better Data for Better Decision

As new network security threats emerge, application intelligence can correlate the applications with geography to identify compromised devices and malicious activities through Command and Control communications. IT managers can also use the application data to track fast growing applications and prevent outages and other performance impacts, especially in mobile service provider environments. This brand new visibility empowers customers with better data so they can make better decisions, which is accomplished by providing real-time application data to existing monitoring tools regarding the behaviors and locations of users and applications.


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A Solution to Networks Security that Actually WorksImplementing Optimal Network Security with Ixia Solutions

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Acccerlating the Deployment of the Evolved-Cyber RangeIxia BreakingPoint Uses Patented Innovation to Deliver a Pragmatic Solution for Arming and Training Cyber Warriors

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Executive Business Case for Network SecurityDid you know that improving network security is an easy way to protect and increase shareholder value while mitigating corporate risk?

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Ixia- Automation the Future of Network VisibilityData center automation is increasing in importance. In fact, Gartner identified it as one of the key pieces of technology for cloud and data centers in their June 2013 IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit. However, what about automation for your adaptive monitoring needs? This is one of the most neglected pieces of automation. At the same time, it’s one of the most important. Automation drives the core need for network visibility – delivering the right data to the right destination at the right time.

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Best Practices for 40 Gb ImplementationThe 40 Gigabit Ethernet Era in the Enterprise

With the ratification of the IEEE 802.3ab in 2010, 40GbE has displaced 10GbE as the next network speed evolution in the enterprise.


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Best Practices for Building Scalable Visibility ArchitechturesAccording to EMA Research vice president Jim Frey,

“Packet-based monitoring is a critical aspect of responsible management and governance, and establishing a visibility architecture is the best path to success.”

Read the white paper, "Best Practices for Building Scalable Visibility Architectures."

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Ixia's Best Practices for Eliminating Duplicate PacketsA network monitoring switch allows IT teams to simultaneously connect a wide array of monitoring tools. The best-in-class network monitoring switches do more than solve connection problems; they also aggregate and filter data according to the type of monitoring tool.

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Best Practices for Network MonitoringThe rapid evolution of business applications and systems is making information technology (IT) a strategic part of the world's most successful companies.

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building_scalability_into_visibility_management (1).pdf

Building Scalability into Visibility ManagementIn the new versions of networking models, often the main concern for IT operators (and the main headache they deal with) is being able to scale the network to match increasing user demands and business needs. Scaling a network is not simply about adding more resources, more devices, or more applications. It requires understanding how the network interacts with increased resource demands, traffic processing, and application interaction. Adding a visibility architecture is one way to start addressing the problem. The visibility architecture will improve your ability to not only remove blind spots but to engineer a system that prevents the creation of future blind spots and allows you to see what’s currently lurking in your network.

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BYOD Mitigation Starts in the WLAN.pdf

Ixia- BYOD Mitigation Starts in the WLANWe hear a lot about the growth of mobile data and how network operators are struggling to keep pace. In the enterprise, a related phenomena –“Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” — poses equal if not greater challenges. “Anywhere, anytime” connectivity is now the norm, with the added expectation of being able to run “any application, from any device.”

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