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Ixia network visibility solutions provides the components of your visibilty archectecture which include the access layer, virtual visibility and network packet brokers so that you can aggregate, filter, load balance and depluciate your network traffic to your monitoring tools 


pdf Complete Visibility for Application and Network Performance Popular

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Ixia Anue Net Tool Optimizer® Solution Helps Monitor Networks of Any SizeIxia's Complete Visibility for Application and Network Visibility

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Converged Network Lifecycle SolutionsOverview of Ixia's verification and visibility solutions used to design, verify, and monitor a broad range of wired, Wi-Fi, and 3G/LTE equipment and networks.

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Convicing your CFO that Network Security is an InvestmentNetwork security for today’s enterprise is an important concern. Everyone knows this – from the network engineer to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). At the same time, the enterprise C-suite has a myriad of other concerns that they need to address daily. It’s one thing to make an investment, it’s another to make the correct investment. Indiscriminately throwing money at a problem rarely creates a solution, you need to make wise investments.

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Cost Effectively Scaling Visibility In The EnterpriseEnterprises need scalable and flexible networks that can adapt to the changing needs of the business world. Not only does the IT department need to add the right types of equipment (like monitoring tools, diagnostic tools, tools specific to company initiatives such as BYOD and private cloud, etc.), but they need to control costs at the same by adding the functionality exactly where and when it is needed.

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IXIAs Visibility Architecture White PaperNetworking is a rapidly evolving and changing landscape. We’ve quickly moved from merely moving bits and bytes from workstation to workstation to providing powerful applications and services to millions of consumers. Speed and bandwidth requirements have grown exponentially, new traffic types appear daily, and now a functioning network is a crucial and necessary part of running a successful large or small business in any market.

pdf Definitive Guide to Visibility Use Cases eBook Popular

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Ixia-WP-V-The Definitive Guide to Visibility Use Cases Ebook.pdf

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Demystifying_NFV_in_Carrier_Networks_ A_Definitive_Guide_to_Successful_Migrations.pdf

Ixia Demsytifying NFV Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is one of the most profound paradigm shifts the networking industry has faced to date. Proven functions such as routing, policy, firewall, DPI, and many others will move from running on dedicated hardware appliances to running on unproven virtualized server platforms in the hope of achieving massive efficiencies.

pdf Duplicate Packets: Are they Good or Bad and Best Practices for Managing Them Popular

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Duplicate Packets - Are they Good or Bad and Best Practices for Managing Them.pdf

pdf Examining Factors of the NFV-I Impacting Performance and Portability Popular

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Examining Factors of the NFV I Impacting Performance and PortabilityService providers are facing significant market challenges and, as a result, are looking for every opportunity to reduce costs (CAPEX and OPEX), increase service agility and optimize resources. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) promises to address these challenges and transform the network into a next generation platform with carrier-grade services.

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pdf Frost & Sullivan 2017 Network Packet Brokers Research & Leadership Award Report Popular

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Frost & Sullivan 2017 Network Packet Brokers Research & Leadership Award Report

Each year, Frost & Sullivan's 360-Degree Research team evaluates key trends impacting major technology segments. In their report on Network Packet Brokers (NPBs), they look at data capture and insight, which is growing in importance as networks become more complex, and data privacy and security remain a top concern. This year's report covers the ability to provide deeper intelligence about data traffic, support for 100G and 400G network speeds, and the introduction of software-based solutions that run on open switches.

For strong overall performance and continued innovation in these areas, Ixia was selected for the Frost & Sullivan 2017 Network Packet Broker Market Leadership Award, moving to the top spot from second place in 2016. Read Frost & Sullivan's complete evaluation in this report.

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Network World.pdf

pdf How To Create An Effective Breach Defense Strategy Popular

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pdf How to Maximize IT Investments with Data-Driven Proof of Concept (POC) Popular

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Ixia- How to Maximize IT Investment with Data Driven Proof of Concept6-Step Guide to Ensure You are Making Defendable Decisions to Secure Your Network

pdf How to Secure your Network Through it's Lifecycle Popular

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Ixia- How to Secure your Networks Through it's LifecycleAs daily news stories continue to document, enterprises are struggling to prevent breaches to their networks. Not only do breaches affect the company brand, but economic losses continue to mount as well. There needs to be a fundamental mind shift away from the current thought that network security is a one-time thing or a one-size-fits-all. To create a resilient system, network security needs to be an ongoing process, not just occasional technology implementations. If not, enterprises risk exorbitant remediation costs that may threaten company viability.

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pdf Illuminating Data Center Blind Spots Popular

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915-6636-01-Virtualization Visibility Final.pdf

Ixia's Illuminating Blind Data Centre SpotsNew Approaches to Overcoming Access and Visibility Deficits in the Virtualized Environment

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Increased Visibility and Monitoring of Virtual SystemsAs enterprises and governments continue to move from the use of physical servers to virtualized servers to improve efficiency, the use of resources in its operations and reduce costs, an increasingly large gap is developing in their capabilities to monitor, capture and analyze the network traffic between virtual machines.


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