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White Papers on various network management and testing topics.


pdf Ixia iBypass: Avoid 5 Common Security Risks in One Simple Step Popular

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Ixia iBypass: Avoid 5 Common Security Risks in One Simple Step

With multi-million-dollar security breaches continuing to make headlines, businesses continue to invest in advanced security defenses—next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (NGFW and NGIPS), data leak prevention (DLP), distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation, and others. But along with the obvious challenge of having to manage the growing complexity, deploying multiple security elements inline can introduce new vulnerabilities and put availability at risk.

pdf Ixia Improve Network Reliability With External Bypass Switches

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pdf Ixia Security Report 2019

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Ixia Security Report 2019 -Report.pdf

pdf Ixia Special Edition of Network Visibility for Dummies

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Ixia1 Network Visibily For Dummies.pdf

pdf Ixia's 2019 Security Report


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pdf IxProbe + Hawkeye: Helping Service Providers Take Control of Last-Mile Delivery


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pdf KeySight 2023 Security Report


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KeySight 2023 Security Report.pdf

document Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

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Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics.doc

Network professionals support an increasing number of technologies and services. With adoption of SDN and network function virtualization, troubleshooting becomes more complex. Identify the right NPMD tools to detect application issues, identify root causes and perform capacity planning.

pdf Making Time Sensitive Networks Resilient to Threats-Recent Advances

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Making_Time_Sensitive_Networks_Resilient-Recent Advances-Whitepaper.pdf

pdf Managing Networks in a Multi-Cloud Era

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Managing Networks in a Multi-Cloud Era

Hybrid and multi-cloud architectures are the future of enterprise IT. Network infrastructure teams must be prepared to manage and monitor networks across the private cloud and multiple public cloud providers. This
white paper draws on recent EMA research to explore the challenges network managers face when adapting their network management toolset to private and public cloud environments, and it will establish a roadmap
for success.

pdf Monitoring Your Network

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Monitoring Your Network

Spotlight on Voice over IP (VoIP): A White Paper on monitoring your network.

pdf Network Configuration & Change Management using StableNet®

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SN_NCCM_VLM_DP001_IV1 (1).pdf

pdf Network Security

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Using a Network Analyzer as a Security Tool.pdf

pdf Network TAPs 101

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101 eBook-Final.pdf

pdf Network Visibility in the 5G Era


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pdf Orolia - Tech Brief Resiliency in PNT: Cybersecurity

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pdf Performance and Security Testing for Zero Trust in Distributed Cloud


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pdf Report Summary TLS 1.3 Adoption in the Enterprise

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EMA-Keysight-TLS13-2019-Summary Final.pdf

pdf SD-WAN 101: Ensuring Peak Network Performance and Service QoE


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pdf Security and Performance Monitoring in the Public Cloud


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