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Network Performance Management

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Network Performance Management

Why Monitor the network?
Business success relies on your network infrastructure to deliver critical applications seamlessly to end user, and customers. Network complexity continues to grow with, cloud-hosted initiatives, endpoint diversity, software-defined architectures, distributed data centers, edge computing which create new blind spots in your network.

40% of network problems are first detected and reported by the end user

Deploying technology to pro-actively monitor your infrastructure, applications and end user experience allows you to be notified when there is any degradation to network services. Monitoring tools allow you to view the overall quality of a network's performance by measuring availability, response times.

70% of network engineers spend their time reacting to reported network problems

An automated network management system will constantly monitor routers, firewalls, switches and create a baseline of network activity and allow you to identify the root cause of an issue and then notify you before you feel its impact on your business

Only 30% of your time is spent on proactive projects that support business goals

Collect → Baseline  Alert  Report  Analyze  Share

When choosing a network management system you need to decide the key area’s that are important to you and you need to focus on. You want to be able to easily troubleshoot and fix network issues and get complete visibility into:

  • Network performance
  • Application performance
  • Security monitoring

The system should be able on a single pane of glass be handle all your network devices, regardless of the manufacturer of the device.

Components of a Network Management System

Network Discovery

Understanding the topology of your network allows you to visualize the network and understand the relationships and what has changed to reduce the area for fault detection

Understanding Data Sources

SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol

Can be used to continually monitor network changes or status in real time.



Ubiquitous, easy to poll

Real-time device/condition understanding

Lacks granularity for root cause analysis

Singular Metrics and data point

Network Performance Monitoring Tools


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