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Telnet Networks Partners

Telnet Networks, distributes products in the Canadian market place. We carefully chose  and develop vendor relationships focusing on the technology areas of network visibility, network monitoring, network performance testing, synchronized time, Network Security,  synchronized time display and contact centre testing

Our list of partners today are:

Network Visibility

IXIA Keysight Network Visibility

IXIA a KeySight Business provides testing, network visibility and security solutions, so that you can visualize all the data on the network so your applications run stronger.  Visibility starts with physical and virtual TAP's to access from data links directly to the monitoring tools or network packet brokers.

IXIA Network packet brokers deliver advanced features like de-duplication, load balancing at line rate without dropping any packets.

Cubro Network Visibility

Cubro line of intelligent network visibility products offer complete network visibility solutions for aggregation, filtering, slicing, load balancing, deep packet inspection and more.  Product includes

  • Network Access Layer which includes Networks Taps
  • Network Packet Brokers – handle traffic between layer 2 and 7
  • Cubro Probes are passive devices the receive network traffic and extract the metadata
  • Bypass Taps provide fail safe access for in-line security appliances



In the network monitoring field since 1984, we recognize the value of network visibility and good quality testing devices. Our aim is to offer a complete range of state of the art network TAPs and field service troubleshooters for beth SMEs and the enterprise sector.



Network Management



A unified OSS combining configuration management, fault management and performance management, with automated root cause analysis.




Cloud based network management software combining asset discovery and mapping, network and application performance with fault and event management under one platform.





Flowmon Networks empowers businesses to manage and secure their computer networks confidently. Through our high performance network monitoring technology and lean-forward behavior analytics, IT pros worldwide benefit from absolute network traffic visibility to enhance network & application performance and deal with modern cyber threats.




Network Performance Testing



Timing Solutions




Providing Synchronized clock systems including master clockswireless clocks and IP Clocks



Novanex Solutions

Synchronized network clocks using POE technology to synchronize to your NTP time source eliminating the need for A/C receptacles and batteries.



 Contact Centre Testing



Prognosis identifies issues fast with StressTest & Heartbeart so you can take rapid action to protect the quality of customer service. Keep systems humming, nip issues in the bud and validate 100% call recording guarantees are being met - all in real time




Network Security and Cyber Security



A pro-active security platform with real-time attack detection that coninulously monitors systems, providing the opportunity to detect threats and hacker actions as they're happening, making it possible to defend and protect your network before there's a chance for attack.


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