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ASC is a worldwide leading provider of software and cloud solutions in the field of omni-channel recording, quality management and analytics. Among their target groups are all companies that record and analyze their communication, especially contact centers, financial service providers, and public safety organizations. ASC offers solutions for recording as well as AI-based analysis and evaluation of all communications – including voice, video, screen, chats, or meetings. Communication contents are captured in an audit proof manner critical information and trends are revealed.


Recording, Analytics and Quality Management of Communications

Close compliance gaps, improve customer experience and analyze valuable data

Solutions for Financial

Financial Institutions

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Contact Center

Solutions for

Public Safety

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Other Industries


Recording Insights

Compliance Recording in Microsoft Teams

Record your communications while fulfilling your compliance requirements in a Microsoft certified, native built app in Microsoft Teams. Fast & easy setup, scalable & secure.

Neo Cloud Services

Cloud-based Recording and Analytics

With Neo Cloud Services, you get a simple cloud-based provisioning model for recording and analyzing your communications as well as further improving your quality management.


Why Use Cloud-Based Recording and Analytics?

Fast Deployment

No installation or hardware required. Choose the number of licenses and services you need.

Full Flexibility

Only pay for your actual consumption and enjoy maximum flexibility.


Easy to Use

All services in one solution. Simple & easy handling.



Fully secured

Cloud architecture with high availability and end-to-end encryption.


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