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Network Discovery Software

NMSaaS Network Monitoring Software - Free 30 day TrialWhy Is This Important?

  • If you don’t know what you have, you cannot hope to monitor and manage it
  • You can’t track down interconnected problems
  • You don’t know when something new comes on the network
  • You don’t know when you need upgrades
  • You may be paying too much for maintenance

Accurate inventory is essential to any IT department. However, keeping up with inventory manually is a hassle. One single, trusted repository is a vital asset to accurate inventory management.

NMSaaS has discovery capabilities with powerful and flexible tools allowing you to determine what exactly is subject to monitoring. These elements are automatically labeled and grouped. This makes automatic data collection possible, as well as threshold monitoring and reporting on already discovered elements.

NMSaaS also performs topology discovery in the managed network. The discovery process probes each device to determine its configuration and relation to other managed elements.

We use this information to create instances as a dependency model. This simplifies event correlation, i.e. no rules programming and the subsystem guarantees identification of critical problems. The discovery detects network devices and topology automatically.

Network Discovery Software

Discovery is a 2-layer process consisting of Device Discovery and Topology & Network Discovery.

The NMSaaS discovery process results in detailed IT asset information about all of your devices on the network. Critical details like IP address, MAC address, OS, firmware, Services, Memory, Serial Numbers, Interface Information, Routing Information, Neighbor data and more are all available at the click of a button or as a scheduled report.

By using a scheduled discovery process, you can easily track moves, adds, and changes to the IT infrastructure.

To see more about the NMSaaS Inventory Module, please watch the video below:


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